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Animal Waste Management Ordinance

The Brown County Animal Waste Management Ordinance has been in effect since 1986 and since then over 300 permits have been issued. The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate the location, construction, installation, alteration, design and use of animal waste storage facilities and animal feedlots so as to protect the groundwater and surface water resources of Brown County.

The following is a summary of the ordinance’s requirements:

• A permit must be obtained for:
  • a new animal waste storage facility
  • altering an existing animal waste storage
  • a new feedlot or altering an existing animal feedlot
  • abandonment of a waste storage facility
• Landowners must plan and document the availability of acceptable acreage of cropland per animal unit for all future expansions of their livestock operations.

• All agriculture operations are required to have a Nutrient Management Plan according to USDA-NRCS Technical Standard 590 (2005 version). A component of this plan is a map highlighting where application of nutrients on agriculture fields is restricted or prohibited.

• Agriculture producers who land apply animal waste in the winter must obtain a Winter Spreading Plan from the Land and Water Conservation Department.

Operations must obtain a permit from the county even if they are also permitted by the DNR.

The Brown County Land and Water Conservation Department maintains a list of contractors that provide such services as flatwork, excavation, roof gutters, and erosion control services.

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