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Name: Chad C. Doverspike
Department: Port & Resource Recovery
Title: Operations Manager
Year started at county: 1995
Year started as a facilitator: 2011
Facilitating events is rewarding when you see participants question, rethink and influence the outcome of a process. Participants are empowered to voice their suggestions regardless of their job title or years of service. Continuous Improvement Facilitation is not just a change for the work environment but a change in life’s opportunities for personal growth.
Name: Jan Hosper
Department: Land & Water Conservation Department
Title: Engineering Technician
Year started at county: 2014
Year started as a facilitator: 2015
Why you are a facilitator:
I like the interaction with different departments and satisfaction of helping someone solve a problem. I have always enjoyed learning new skills and want to apply them to my job.
Name: Judy Knudsen
Department: UW-Extension
Title: Department Head/Family Living Educator
Year started at the county: 2009
Year started as a facilitator: 2011
Why you are a facilitator:
I am a facilitator because it allows me an opportunity to work with employees in other county departments to look for ways to enhance processes and increase efficiency. It is exciting when employees become engaged and implement changes.
Name: Rick Ledvina
Department: Park Department
Title: Park Manager
Year started at county: 1985
Year started as a facilitator: 2014
Why you are a facilitator:
I am a facilitator because it allows me to use my recently completed Masters in Leadership and Organizational Quality. It also allows me to broaden my knowledge of operations in other departments and connect with other Brown County Employees.
Name: Doug Marsh, Architect, NCARB, LEED AP
Department: Public Works – Facility Management
Title: Facility Engineer
Year started at county: 2011
Year started as a facilitator: 2009
Why you are a facilitator:
•Educating people about Continuous Improvement and how to use CI tools, such as Value stream Mapping (VSM)
and 6-S.
•Watching event participants experience their ah-ha moments during VSM events, such as looking at a completed current-state VSM and seeing the entire work flow and process for the first time.
•Work cell design – Creating a full size mocked-up work cell and field testing the work space and future-state work flow.
Name: Melinda Pollen
Department: UW-Extension
Title: Brown County 4-H Youth Development Educator
Year started at county: 2013
Year started as a facilitator: 2015
Why you are a facilitator: People are sometimes surrounded by clutter – actual things or processes. I saw first-hand how the LEAN process improved my own organization, both in my office and in my processes. I want to share this with others, and let them know it is not as scary or overwhelming as it sounds.
Name: Beth Rodgers
Department: Technology Services
Title: Technology Project Manager
Year started at county: 2006
Year started as facilitator: 2011
Why you are a facilitator:
It’s a really positive feeling to be involved with LEAN. The events inspire people to make things better and to support one another. It promotes not only work efficiencies, but also cooperation and a positive outlook.
Name: Laurie Ropson
Department: Aging & Disability Resource Center
Title: Quality Assurance Outreach Coordinator
Year started at county: 1996
Year started as facilitator: 2015
Why you are a facilitator:
It’s fun to be part of the excitement when staff find ways to save time, money, and WOW customers! Embracing Continuous Improvement to find better ways to do things is a must in our fast paced work world. There is never enough time or big enough budgets to do all the things we want to do. I’ve found employees get great satisfaction in knowing they are part of positive changes. I enjoy meeting new people and learning the amazing things Brown County staff do and about the ideas they have to make their departments better.
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