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Brown County 2019 Comprehensive Plan Update - Boost Brown County

Project Description

The Brown County Comprehensive Plan – A Vision for Great Communities was adopted in October 2004, and amended in 2007. The process to update the comprehensive plan will begin this year with the Brown County Planning Commission Board of Directors serving as the steering committee, and anticipated adoption by the Brown County Board of Supervisors and Brown County Executive in 2019. Brown County Planning Commission staff will periodically post updates about plan progress through a blog. If you choose to, please subscribe to that feed here:

Boost Brown County Comprehensive Plan Update Blog

Brown County Comprehensive Plan (adopted Oct. 20th, 2004, amended May 23, 2007)

Initial Public Participation and Outreach - Complete (adopted November 7, 2019)
Goals and Objectives - Working goals and objectives reviewed and placed on file by the Brown County Planning Commission (placed on file April 3, 2019)


Over the course of the plan update, BCPC staff will bring forward drafts of chapters of the comprehensive plan for your review and comment. Additionally, BCPC staff may provide information related to general issues for discussion about how to best address these issues in the comprehensive plan. Specific issues will likely include how to plan for an aging and diversifying population, energy, technology, new development trends, and others identified by staff and/or the BCPC Board of Directors. BCPC staff views this as an opportunity for the staff and Board of Directors to take a fresh look at our comprehensive plan, evaluate the many issues that have changed since 2007, and develop a comprehensive plan that will serve us well for the next 10 years.
Regulatory Information

Under Section 66.1001 of the Wisconsin Statutes every governmental jurisdiction that regulates the use of land through a land division ordinance, shoreland zoning ordinance, general purpose zoning ordinance, or official map must have an adopted comprehensive plan. Since Brown County administers both a land division ordinance and shoreland zoning ordinance, it must have an up-to-date comprehensive plan that is consistent with these ordinances. The current comprehensive plan is available on our website at

All comprehensive plans must meet the content requirements of Section 66.1001 Wis. Stats., and have at a minimum the following sections:

• Issues and Opportunities – A compilation of background demographic, housing, and economic data, and a listing of applicable goals, objectives, and policies that guide the implementation of the comprehensive plan.

• Land Use – A compilation of existing and proposed future land uses. The Brown County Comprehensive Plan has historically incorporated the locally adopted future land use maps into its future land use map.

• Transportation – A compilation of existing and proposed transportation facilities and programs.

• Housing – A compilation of existing and future housing needs in the county.

• Economic Development – A compilation of existing and future economic development activities in Brown County.

• Community Facilities and Utilities – A compilation of existing and future community facilities and utilities, including such components as sanitary sewer, storm water management, potable water, and county buildings and services.

• Agricultural, Natural, and Cultural Resources – A compilation of existing resources of this nature and policies that will be set in place to protect them. The Brown County Comprehensive Plan currently splits this section into a separate Agricultural Resources Chapter (which will include the Farmland Preservation Plan) and Natural and Cultural Resources Chapter.

• Intergovernmental Cooperation – A discussion of opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation and coordination within and outside of Brown County.

• Implementation – A description of how the recommendations contained within the plan will be set in motion.
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