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GC Menu

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Drink Ability

Coffee 12 | 16 oz

Bold Ambition (Dark) 1.50 | 2.00
Inspiration Overflow (Med) 60+ Special
Decaf Devotion Small $1

Espresso Drinks

Americano 2.25 | 2.75
Cappuccino | Latte 3.00 | 3.75
Mocha 4.00 | 4.50
1lb Ability Beans 12.00

Cold Brew 3.00 | 4.00
Nitro 4.50 | 5.50
Frappe (espresso, flavor, & whipped cream) 4.00
Mocha Tundra (espresso, mocha, & whipped cream) 4.00

Republic of Tea (Fair Trade) 2.25 | 2.75

Available hot or iced. See display for flavors.

Other Favorites

Chai Latte or Hot Chocolate 2.75 | 3.50
Steamer (milk + flavor) 2.25 | 2.75

Seasonal Lemonade 1.50 | 2.00
Smoothies: PB&J | Chunky Monkey | Strawberry Banana 4.50
Green Smoothie (limited supplies) 5.25

Branch Out - Upgrade

Add flavor to your favorite drink! (SF available!) .50
Dairy Free: Almond | Coconut | Soy Milk .75
Espresso Shot .75

Grab & Go

Bagel (asiago or plain) 2.00
English Muffin 1.50
Energy Bites (gf) 2.00
Quiche* (bacon cheddar) 5.50

Bakery of the Moment 1-4.00
Cookies | Muffins | Scones | Bars
Brownies | Cinnamon Rolls
Danish | Peanut Square (gf)*

*Cheese Cake Heaven products

Breakfast (served until 11a)

Build Your Own Breakfast (Egg, meat, & cheese. Veggies +.50)

Bagel Sandwich | English Muffin 5.00
Breakfast Pizza (gf+$1) 5.50
Two-Egg Scrambler (served with homemade bread) 5.00

Breakfast Panini (Ciabatta | Tortilla | GF Tortilla +1) 5.50

Greek (Egg, tomato, spinach, parmesan cheese)
Green & Gold (Egg, ham, cheddar, green pepper, green onion)

Soup & Salad

Soup & Pasta Salad
(Limited servings. Bowls served with bread.)
Cup 2.00 | Bowl 4.00 | Quart 8.00

Chef Salad 6.50
Smoked ham, turkey, seasonal veggies,
cheese, and croutons. Served with bread.

Garden Salad 4.50
Seasonal veggies, almonds, craisins,
shredded cheese, and croutons. Served with bread.

Add Protein: Sautéed Chicken | Hummus +2.00
House-made salad dressing: Parmesan Peppercorn,
Roasted Red Pepper French, Lemon Poppyseed,
Italian Herb Vinaigrette, Honey-Dijon Balsamic

6.50 Wraps & Paninis

Choose your base:
Salad | Wrap | Panini (Ciabatta) | GF Tortilla +1
Served with side of GF tortilla chips and pickle

BIG EASY Muffaletta
Ham, turkey, salami, mozzarella, olive salsa, parmesan, cream cheese

Chicken Caesar
Sautéed chicken, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, croutons, parmesan, cream cheese, peppercorn dressing

Ham, swiss cheese, cream cheese, cucumber, lettuce, green onion, raspberry dijon dressing

Chicken salad (mayo, craisins, basil, and green onions), lettuce, shredded parmesan

Salami, roasted tomato, bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, herb vinaigrette

Pesto Chicken
With bell peppers, roasted tomato, parmesan, cream cheese

Baby Bleu
Sautéed baby portabella mushrooms, bleu cheese, green onion, spinach, cream cheese

Black Bean Burger
Black bean burger, tomato, spinach, green onion, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, salsa

Veggie Hummus
(wrap or salad only)
Housemade hummus, spinach, cucumbers, roasted tomato, parmesan, toasted almonds

8.00 Delicious Duo

Can’t decide on one option?!
Try any two for $8.
Choose your entree:
Salad | Wrap | Panini (Ciabatta) | GF Tortilla +1
Choose your sidekick:
Small Salad | Cup of Soup | Pasta Salad

Ask about catering options!
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