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Going Green

Syble Hopp School participates in many recycling projects. By saving these items for us we are keeping our environment green and generating revenue for our school. You may bring your items to our school on any day when school is in session. Thank-you for your help in helping our children!

iPhones and iPod Touches: Donated old iPhones and iPod Touches are turned into communication devices. The Syble Hopp Speech Department can load the necessary voice output software to turn them into communication devices to train and trial students. Syble Hopp School has multiple students with communication needs that would benefit from these devices.

Soda Can "Tabs": Soda can tabs or "pop-tops" are recycled aluminum with the proceeds supporting the equipment needs of our warm water therapy pool.

Ink Cartridges: Used ink cartridges are recycled with the proceeds off-setting the cost of new ink cartridges for the school.

Campbell Soup Labels: UPC codes from the Campbell Soup Labels are clipped and counted into groups of 100 by the students. Soup Labels are then saved and used to purchase educational materials from the catalogue provided by the Campbells company.

Cell Phones: Used cell phones and cords are sent to a special center where each piece is assigned a point value. Once our school accumulates enough points, we will earn a new AED.

Milk Caps - Kemps and Morning Glory: The school receives 5 cents for each Kemps and Morning Glory milk cap that is sent to each of the respective company. The proceeds from the milk caps support the Community Based Instruction which is sponsored by the Syble Hopp Parent Organization.

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