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What Others Say about the ROD

September 21, 2016
Thank you so much for all your help.
Have a great day

August 1, 2016
Dear Cathy Williquette Lindsay,
Thank you for all your help and tips in filling out the WDR-Real Estate Transfer return in early July. Your patience, prompt replies to my several phone calls and sharing advice made the transition successful and pleasurable. You are a treasure for the County.
Liz O.

July 27, 2016
Appreciate everything your professional and courteous staff has helped me learn over the years as well. Always worked with smiling faces to help me slog through getting mortgages, deeds, using microfiche…. You can be proud of your team!
Anne L. Gajeski, Paralegal to Lawrence G. Vesely
Olson, Kulkoski, Galloway & Vesely, S.C.

May 5, 2015
This was in response to a request for a marriage record search where the customer had very little information to go on and the subject of the record has Alzheimer's. :Thank you SOOOOOO much Pat!
My cousin Grandma's sister Jennie just brought me the original she picked up just minutes ago. YOU have made my day and I can't tell you how much. This was a crucial piece of the puzzle that we had to have for benefits."

March 25, 2015
What a pleasure to work with professionals and nice folks...I know we attorneys have our own "image" of being difficult to deal with (arrogant, etc) but I must say some government offices also are not so pleasant and professional. You office (I spoke to several folks there) is a breath of fresh air in that regard,,professional and yet courteous and kind. Thanks. Here is the Declaration form,,,hope pdf is ok format. When you chat with Jeremy at the Department of Revenue, please send our regards---CJ and John. He has guided us too in many situations where help was needed.

August 25, 2014
Hello. I was in this morning to request a copy of a birth certificate. I wanted to pass along how pleased I was with the fast and pleasant service I received. The entire experience - including parking on the street, walking up the stairs, finding the office, filling out the request, waiting for the request to be filled, and walking back to my vehicle only took a total of 10 minutes. (Confirmed by the parking meter). Way exceeded my expectations! Thank you!
Amanda Breed, Clintonville, WI

March 6, 2014
Thank you for the copies. I didn't expect them until Thursday. Thank you, you make me look good to my customers! Mucho appreciated!
R. Verstegen, Good Deeds Research

July 9, 2013
I spoke with Deb, the Coordinator at the UWGB Area Research Center today and she was able to locate my Certificate of Naturalization from 1972 as well as those of my parents. I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate you following up with me and for providing this information. I have a wonderful job opportunity that is requiring proof of citizenship not currently located in the national USCIS database - their error.
Thank you again for all of your efforts.
Go Pack Go!!!

May 20, 2011
Karey, I want to thank you for being so helpful with the recording of my deed. It wasn't as bad as the instructions made it seem. It is not easy to find people willing to go out of their way to help rock girl!
Curt Demlow

December 15, 2010
I was in your office this past Monday and wanted to let you know about the superb service I got from Jean the real estate area! She was extremely helpful and informative!

December 9, 2010
I want to thank Kathy T. in the Vital Records area for all the work she did to help me get a copy of my daughter's birth certificate! I have never had a government employee help me so much!!!!!
Richard W.

September 27, 2010
I am from the Chicago area. I was at the Brown County office with a friend on 09-24-10 looking to find information on my ancestors birth nad death records along with information on my great grandfather who lived in Eaton, Brown County Wisconsin who had passed away in 1892. I have never-ever been treated so kindly in my life by anyone in goverment type business. (I'm a Police Officer myself and see how some goverments run)

The people in Vital records and the land who assited me in the land plats and the gentlemen on the 3rd floor spent so much time with me, and attempted to assist me with every question I had asked of him. They all went well out of their way to try and help as much as possible. I wish I would of gotten all their names. I want to thank you and your staff members for doing an excellent job in helping others finding out information on family members. I can't say enough how happy I was with the service provided to me. I hope you can locate these individuals for me and thank them once again for a job well done.
God Bless you all !
David A.

April 3, 2009
Received my birth certificate. Can you believe this??? I'm 72 years old and for the first time in my life I have a birth certificate. WOW!!! Thanks for the help
Char Christensen

March 31, 2009
Good Morning,
I just wanted to let you know that you are awesome! I was so worried about not getting my Birth Certificate in time for my wedding and I received it in a week!
Thank you so muc!
Nicole Keller

February 19, 2009
Dear Cathy:
I know you and your staff at the Register of Deeds office have been more than challenged the past few days. As a searcher I have deadlines that have to be met and some folks do not accept technical difficulties as an excuse for delays. I am not one of those people who has no tolerance for things beyond control. Life is just too short. With the help of you and your staff I was able to get my orders done even with the system down. My point is to say that you and your entire staff have been nothing short of spectacular. I have been met with smiles and offers of help and solution. Brown County Register of Deeds office is a well oiled machine. Thanks for all that you do.
Shannon Finnessy, Merit Title

February 3, 2009
received a call today from a customer who lives out east but was born in Brown County, he had called today and previously regarding a birth certificate. When our call was finished he metioned how happy he was with our customer service and to please pass the word on.

December 19, 2008
I would like to commend your promptness in getting my request for my Birth Certificate. I live near Austin TX and it takes pulling teeth to get any kind of documents within six months. Please feel free to pass this on to management Thanks D.Moravetz
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