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Submit an Idea for a Lean Project

Do You Have an Idea for a LEAN Project in Health and Human Services?

Brown County Health and Human Services management encourages all employees to submit their ideas on ways we can improve on how things are currently being done. LEAN often uses the phrases “kaizen” or "continuous improvement". Kaizen comes from the Japanese words “kai” which means “change” and “zen” which means “to make good or better”. By putting these two words together, we arrive at the widely accepted translation which is “make a change for the better”. Kaizen is a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, productivity and safety. Most kaizen improvements are small, frequent changes for the better to any process within an organization.

LEAN management projects or “kaizen events” typically address larger or more complex process issues which are a series of individual operations required to create a design, complete an order, and produce a product or service. The intent is to develop continuous incremental improvement of an activity to create more value by removing waste. Positive customer impact is identified as reduced costs, shorter lead-time, or the reduction of defects.

All idea submissions will be reviewed by the Health and Human Services LEAN Facilitators' Subcommittee and those determined to be a kaizen type of project will be added to our project list.

If you have an idea for a project, please fill out the form below, and return to: Kara Navin,

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