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Dementia - All You Need to Know

Dementia can affect anyone of any age, gender, race, income, or education. A co-worker, neighbor, customer, or relative could be living with dementia for many years without showing obvious signs. And diagnoses are being made earlier in life for many Americans. Between 2-10% of dementia cases start before the age of 65, meaning that 200,000 people are affected by Alzheimer’s before they receive Social Security & Medicare (World Health Organization).

You or your loved one can find ways to fill life with meaning, and still do the every day things that were enjoyed before the diagnosis. The ADRC of Brown County is here to help guide you through a life lived with dementia. Contact us if you have concerns about yourself or a loved one at the beginning of a diagnosis, as you navigate possible treatment options, when you need help as a caregiver, as you are looking for ways to still do everyday activities, want to stay independent in your own home, and know how to plan as the dementia progresses.

The Wisconsin Dementia Care Specialist Program is here for you. Available to 16 ADRCs and three Native American Tribes across 26 counties in Wisconsin, the program is made up of specialists that provide support, services, and resources on all things dementia. A Dementia Care Specialist can help you make a plan for the present, anticipate what you will need in the future, and guide you on every path in between.

Contact the ADRC to speak with the Dementia Care Specialist or another staff person for assistance:To find other Dementia Care Specialists in Wisconsin, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) website.

"There is so much pain to endure when watching a loved one suffer with Alzheimer's disease. There is the pain of perpetual grief. There is a raw wound of continual loss. There is the struggle to preserve dignity and the desire to respect the present and cling to the past. However, in the midst of the heartache, there is a small glimmer of light that exists to remind us of the things that Alzheimer's can't take away...the warmth of a touch, the importance of smiles and laughter, and the knowledge of what it truly means to experience unconditional love and acceptance." -- Unknown

Local Statistics

To have a better understanding of the impact of dementia on your community, take a look at the statistics.

How many people in Brown County might have clinically diagnosable dementia now?
Answer: 14,452.

For more facts and figures, visit the Alzheimer's Association website to read statistics from 2016, or watch this 1.5 minute video to get the highlights.

Will I Be Next?

A Battle for the Brain that Begins with the Heart

This independent documentary, conducted right here in the state of Wisconsin, is about the quest to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, as told by human research subjects in a long-term medical study, WRAP (Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer's Prevention). This study is now recognized by the National Institutes of Health as a high-priority research site.

Learn about the study, watch the documentary, and join the quest at the Will I Be Next website.

Forms require Acrobat Reader. Click the button to download the latest version FREE.

  • Dementia Care Specialist Brochure
    Serving individuals, families and the community, your local Dementia Care Specialist can help you with any questions regarding dementia in your family or at large in Brown County.

  • Small Changes Make a Dementia Friendly Community
    Watch this short video based on the perspective of Mary, an elderly woman living with Alzheimer's disease in her community. See how a little time and consideration make a huge impact! Published by the Alzheimer's Society, Great Britain.

  • A Hopsital Stay with Dementia
    Told through the eyes of Barbara, an elderly woman with dementia, see this short video on what it is like to have dementia & stay in an unfamiliar setting: a hospital. Published by Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation, Great Britain.

  • Barbara- The Whole Story
    This series of six films showcases one woman's life with dementia. Created by nurses at Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospitals, Great Britain.

  • Dementia Handbook
    This handbook, published by the ADRC of Brown County, is loaded with information and resources to guide you through the journey of dementia. It will be helpful if you are a caregiver, professional, or person who has been diagnosed with demenita.
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