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Board of Health - Wind Turbine Information

Chapter 1 - Public Service Commission of Wisconsin - Order to Create Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 128 Relating to the Siting of Wind Energy Systems.

Chapter 2 - Communication from Brown County Supervisor Patrick Evans - To Human Services Committee re: Request a Report from the Brown County Health Department Regarding Health Issues Relating to Wind Turbines as they may affect Citizens of Brown County.

Chapter 3 - Summary of Night Noise Guidelines for Europe (2003), World Health Organization, Regional Center for Europe. Full Report

Chapter 4 - Letter Regarding The Health Effects of Wind Turbine Noise from Edward S. Marion, Attorney, to Seth Foldy, State Health Officer and Administrator of Wisconsin.

Chapter 4 - Section 1 - Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review (2009), Prepared by W. David Colby, M.D., Robert Dobie, M.D., Geoff Leventhall, Ph.D., David M. Lipscomb, Ph.D., Robery J. McCunney, M.D., Michael T. Seilo, Ph.D, and Bo Sondergaard, M.Sc. for the American Wind Energy Association and the Canadian Wind Energy Association.

Chapter 4 - Section 2 - Public Health Impacts of Wind Turbines (2009), Prepared by the Minnesota Department of Health, Environmental Health Division in response to a request from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Office of Energy Security.

Chapter 4 - Section 3 - Comments on WEPCO's Glacier Hills Application and Supporting Documents Regarding Wind Turbine Noise and Its Impact on the Community (2009), prepared by Richard R. James of Noise Control Sound Consultation on behalf of the Coalition for Wisconsin Environmental Stewardship (CWESt).

Chapter 4 - Section 4 - Executive Summary, pp. 1 & 2 of Environmental Noise and Health in the UK (2009), report published by the Health Protection Agency on behalf of an ad hoc Expert Group of the Effects of Environmental Noise on Health. Full Report

Chapter 4 - Section 5 - Summary of Recent Research on Adverse Health Effects of Wind Turbines (2009), Compiled by Keith Stelling, MA, MNIMH, Dip Phyt, MCPP With additional files from Cameron Krogh, BScPharm.

Chapter 5 - Wind Turbines: A Breif Health Overview (2010), prepared by Jevon D. McFadden, MD, MPH for the Wisconsin Wind Siting Council.

Chapter 6 - Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the Board of Health and the Brown County Human Services Committee (May 25, 2010).

Chapter 7 - Requests of Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.

Chapter 8 - Brown County Board of Health Presentation Summary (May 25, 2010), prepared by Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy.

Chapter 9 - Communication from Steve Deslauriers to Deborah Erwin, Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Re: Public Comment for Wind Siting Rulemaking.

Chapter 10 - Sound Guidelines for Health (2010) powerpoint presentation prepared by Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy and a letter Re: Health Impact and Setback Guidelines for Wind Siting Council from Herbert S. Coussons, MD.

Chapter 11 - Sleep Disturbance and Wind Turbine Noise (2009), report prepared by Dr. Christopher Hanning, BSc, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCA, MD on behalf of the Stop Swinford Wind Farm Action Group (SSWFAG).

Chapter 12 - Wind Turbine Syndrome: Testimony Before the New York State Legislature Energy Committee (2006), Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD.

Chapter 13 - Final Report of the Northeast Wisconsin Karst Task Force (2007), edited by Kevin Erb and Ron Stieglitz.

Chapter 14 - Wind Farm Complaints - Informal, County Health Officer Reports 2010.

Chapter 15 - Letter from Lt. Shaun Stamnes, NREMT-P, CCEMT-P, Air Medical Coordinator, Eagle III Emergency Air & Ground Life Expressed to address concerns EAGLE III had received regaring response to calls for assistance in and around wind turbines and wind farms and WAMC Position Statement Regarding Wind Turbines and Safe Landing Zones (March 2010).

Chapter 16 - Health & Safety - Our Water: Groundwater Contamination Concerns in the Proposed Ledge Wind Project, by Kristin Morehouse, P.E.

Chapter 17 - Invenergy Wind LLC Statement on Health and Safety and Winds of Change Inevitably Get the Hot Air Stirring. (2010, April 30). By Neil Steinberg, Chicago Sun-Times.

Chapter 18 - 2009 Wisconsin Act 40.

Chapter 19 - Chapter PSC 128: Wind Energy Systems, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Program Support Center.

Chapter 20 - Groundwater Contamination in the Town of Morrison, WI.
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