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Purchasing Related Forms, Documents & Templates

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Section 1. Contract Template(s)
Section 2. About Brown County Credit, Billing & Tax Information
Section 3. Brown County Tax Information, Printable Forms & Cert of Insurance
Section 4. About Vendor Tax Information
Section 5.Vendor Tax Information Request Forms
Section 6.Where to Send Completed Vendor Forms

Section 1. Contract Template(s)
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Section 2. About Brown County Credit, Billing & Tax Information

Brown County is a Governmental Agency who here by claims CONTINUOUS EXEMPTION on the purchase, lease or rental of tangible personal property or taxable services based on the details below:

Vendor Request From Brown County the completion of a Credit Application:

In most cases Brown County does not sign a Vendor 'Credit Application', The County does not practice setting up credit terms. Use the below link to print off the Brown County Data Sheet with should take care of most vendor requests in lieu of completing a credit application.

Brown County supplement to Vendor requested Credit Application:

The Data Sheet (below) includes the County's applicable Identification Number(s) and credit reference information.

Decentralized Billing:

Brown County has decentralized billing. Each department is responsible for thier department billing, for a list of department addresses, click 'Here' to be redirected to Department Billing / Invoice Address listing.

Section 3. Brown County Tax Information & Printable Forms
Brown County's Tax Information & Printable Forms
Form #Form NameDescriptionDate
Printable Form Link
1Brown County Data SheetUsed in lue of Vendor Credit Application 6/20/18Brown County Data Sheet
2WI Seller Permit ## 004-00000-60305-011/19/19County WI Sales & Use Tax Exempt Certificate (211)
3Sales & Use TaxCES # ES42561--
4County W-9Taxpayer Identification Number
(TIN) # 39-6005671
1/19/19Brown County W9
5Brouwn County Certificate of InsuranceWMMIC2/20/19Brown County Cert of Insurance

Section 4. Vendor Tax Information & Request Form

Dear Vendor or Individual:

In order for Brown County to issue a check to an individual or company, it is required by State and Federal tax laws to obtain a vendor's federal tax identification number or individuals's social security number.

This requirement also applies to individuals who are receiving non-taxable monies from Brown County for reimbursement of expenses, kinship care, MA transport, LTS funding, or non-taxable grants/funds.

Please print off, sign and return the Substitute W-9 Form (click on the link below to print) to include your business Tax ID Number or Social Security Number if you are an individual receiving payment and whether or not you are required to file a tax return. Payers must generally withhold 28% of taxable interest, dividend, and certain other payments to a payee who does not furnish a TIN (Tax ID Number) to a payer. If you are exempt, please send us an exempt form.

For a printable copy of Brown's County Vendor W9 Request Leter, select the link below:

Section 5. Vendor Tax Information Request Forms
Vendor Tax Information Request Forms
Form #Form NameDate updated
1Brown County's Vendor W9 Request Letter1/17/18
2Vendor Requested Substitute W-9 Form1/17/18

Section 6. Where to send completed Vendor Forms
Send completed form via:
Electronically via
Fax:(920) 448-4036
US Postal Mail:Brown County Purchasing
305 E Walnut Street, 5th Floor
Green Bay, WI 54301
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