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Non IV-D R&D Debt & Tax Intercept

In November, 2017 Receipt and Disbursement (R&D) debts through the child support program became eligible for a state tax intercept on Non IV-D cases in Wisconsin. Non-IVD refers to a child/spousal support case not enforced by a county child support agency. If there has been no referral for a public assistance program such as FoodShare or W-2, no application for services, or if a custodial parent has formally declined child support services, you have a Non IV-D case.

What is a R&D Fee and Why do I Have One?

By law each court case is charged a $65 annual fee, to pay the costs of processing and mailing support payments and maintaining payment records, for a person ordered to make maintenance, child support, or family support payments. The court requires that each individual ordered to make payments must pay the fee in each year payments are ordered or past-due support is owed.

What Happened to My Tax Refund?

Collection of the fee is required. This can be done through a billing statement, taking money out of your paycheck, or taking any state tax refund, lottery winnings, or unclaimed property. If you received a notice that your refund may be or was intercepted, there is a record of an unpaid fee and your taxes either were or will be taken to pay the fee.

What if I Disagree that I Owe the Fee?

You have the right to request a review of this intercept action at any time. A review will be completed after a written request is submitted to the Wisconsin Bureau of Child Support. You may use the form below to request this review. Reviews are generally completed within 60 days of receiving the written request.


For more information please visit the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families FAQ at:
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