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"To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world."
Dr. Suess

This quote aptly describes all of our fantastic volunteers. Hear directly from ADRC customers
to see how volunteers are the world to those
in our community.

Homebound Meal Delivery
Homebound meals make a difference!
"I am so grateful for these meals. They saved my life. I went from weighing 130 lbs. to 140 lbs., allowing my strength to come back. Because of this, I no longer need my homebound meals. I can make them myself. Thank you for helping me regain not only my strength, but my independence."

More than just a meal!
"A volunteer was delivering my meal one day and noticed my washing machine had flooded the floor. He alerted ADRC right away and, in turn, ADRC staff contacted me. I didn't know of a plumber to call to fix the problem, so ADRC staff got in touch with my daughter. My son ended up fixing the damaged pipes. I am so thankful this volunteer helped me with more than just a meal!

Medicare Outreach

Volunteers save money...big money!
"The new Part D plan I found with the help of a volunteer will save me almost $5,000 over my old plan! I am so happy to have found this service at ADRC."

Making the complicated uncomplicated!
"You have saved me hours of research and provided me with the best overview of Medicare coverage. It will be much easier for me to decide what to do when I enroll in Medicare."
Prevention Programs
Caring support is most important!
"I loved this class. I felt welcomed and supported. I liked the fact that I was in the same boat as the volunteer leaders & others in the class. We learned from each other. I could tell the leaders cared about us. "

Make a connection...change a person's health!
"You spent a great deal of time helping my most wonderful Dad regain his "footing" through an in-home fall risk screen. You become a household word from the time you arrived. Dad took you very seriously and felt compelled to follow through on your prescriptions for better balance. You helped my folks remain in the home they loved. Hopefully someday I can meet you with a hand shake (Dad taught me that)."
ADRC Ambassadors
Ambassadors make the ADRC Welcoming

Persons visiting the ADRC deserve extra special care. "I heard about the ADRC but was nervous to try it out. I had no reason to be nervous - I was greeted with a smile immediately, the nerves went away." I've been coming back every week every since."

All Volunteers &
Volunteer ADRC Board Members

Advocating for the ADRC!
"Many volunteers came out in support of saving the ADRC during the 2015-2017 Wisconsin state budget. A special thank you to Pat Finder-Stone and Keith Pamperin, who put in a ton of extra time & commitment to lead an advocacy training for board members and GBCAT (General Brown County Advocacy Team) volunteers. They know volunteers can be true advocates for our programs & services, and most importantly, the voice for the community members we all help. Our community played a big part in saving Wisconsin ADRCs, allowing us to continue to make a difference in the lives of so many!"
(Devon Christianson, Director)

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