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Overview of services

The Land Information Office (LIO) provides a number of services that have proven valuable to the citizens of Brown County. One major program area is the administration of the County’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Through GIS, the LIO provides information and tools that greatly increases efficiency and improves public service. The LIO provides a groundswell of information to a host of users including Public Safety, Emergency Management, Planning and Land Services, Land Conservation, Register of Deeds, District Attorney, Highway, Airport, Clerk, Treasurer, Facilities & Parks, other units of government, many private businesses, and the public.

Fundamental services:

• Increase efficiency: Many common day-to-day tasks that previously consumed hours, days or even weeks of County staff time can now be done in minutes using GIS technology and methods.

• Avoid cost: Efficiency gains offered by GIS allow existing staff to administer programs at less cost to the tax levy.

• Meet new requirements and expectations: Many modern-day functions can be carried out only with the aid of GIS. One example is locating 911 callers who use a cell phone: Public Safety’s Computer Aided Dispatch software utilizes the County’s GIS database because GIS is uniquely qualified to place coordinates of the caller in context with police, fire and EMS jurisdictions and to quickly enable response recommendations to be made. Emergency responders have increasingly relied on GIS to quickly find locations within the county and view nearby streets, addresses, hazardous substances, schools, population data, and more.

• Eliminate duplication of effort: Using GIS, the LIO combines land records and maps into a single, integrated, central database. Every day, hundreds of people connect to this central GIS database to gather land information. The GIS serves the needs of many people without making duplicate copies of maps and records across multiple departments. This is a vast improvement over the unwieldy, paper-copy intensive, departmentalized system of the past.

• Help make better decisions: More accurate information, faster and more flexible analysis capabilities helps improve the decision-making process and overall organizational effectiveness. Staff can rapidly integrate combinations of maps and data. GIS tools allow for massive amounts of data to be quickly turned into information that can be analyzed and effectively communicated to people in the form of easy-to-use maps, charts, reports and graphics.

The role and expectations of the LIO have increased considerably in recent years as more and more people understand the power of GIS and the value of our program. Citizens expect the county’s land information to be available to them online 24/7. Many businesses have incorporated the access of our information into their business models and work flows.

Below: Some more specific examples of services provided:

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