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Grounded Cafe

Open Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Grounded Cafe Menu

Can one cup of coffee make a difference in Brown County?
You bet! By supporting the belief that:
  • ALL people have value.
  • ALL people have the ability to work & succeed.
  • ALL success is built on a community that celebrates & includes persons with disabilities within every facet of life.

Watch this video to learn more about the Grounded Story.

Growing from the Ground Up - Back to the Roots
The seeds were planted at ADRC of Brown County to set-out and create a place where these ideas would ring true:
  • The place needed to break-down stereotypes of "old" and "disabled" in the community.
  • The food needed to be healthy, ingredients sourced locally, and of course, delicious.
  • The atmosphere had to be warm and welcoming and bring folks together.
Out of these visions grew Grounded Cafe, a little hometown cafe with a big heart. Located right at ADRC, one can order LaJava coffee and tea exclusive to Grounded Cafe, nibble on a muffin freshly-baked from Cheese Cake Heaven, and sit in a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace.

So what makes Grounded Cafe unique?

Customers come in for a cup of coffee but leave with a heart full of passion.Grounded Cafe Ability Beans
Through a job skills training program at the cafe we focus on abilities. The persons serving you are either older adult mentors or adults with a disability gaining job skills. Your purchase makes this possible.

The branded Grounded Cafe "Ability Beans" are aptly named to show support of people's abilities first, disabilities second. Here's a video of the Grounded Story.

Here's how that cup of coffee makes a difference.
By choosing to support Grounded Cafe and other local businesses that advocate for these values, the community is saying it supports inclusivity. Community, after all, spells "unity", meaning people coming together.

Still don't believe a cup of coffee can help change a life?

Grounded Cafe challenges everyone to come down and witness first-hand the good that can grow from people coming together, breaking bread, and sharing a story or two.
Dare to be a part of something bigger.

Finding Grounded Cafe at ADRC is easy!
Click on the image for a Google Map

Come on in and relax!
Grounded Cafe at the ADRC Brown County atrium

Grounded Cafe at the ADRC in Brown County Tree
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