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Historic Documents Related to Parks & Trails

Historic Documents Related to Parks and Trails
Available in Planning Library in Hard Copy for Reference Only

These plans are available in hard copy form only. Due to the age of the document, we recommend contacting the municipality to assure a current version. These are for historic reference only.
Fox River Trail Study December 1 2001
East River Trail Extension Program May 1 2000
Draft Report Ecosystem Report &
Draft Environmental Assessment: CatIslands, Green Bay Harbor, Wisconsin
November 1 1999
Fox River Trail Development Plan Executive Summary May 1 1999
Fox River Trail Development Plan May 1 1999
Kelly to Howard State Recreational Trail Master Plan September 23 1993
A Review of Potential Brown County Marina Sites August 20 1993
Calavera Springs Master Plan March 1 1991
Town of Bellevue East River Parkway Plan August 1 1989
Brown County Fairgrounds Improvement Proposal August 1 7989
Village of HowardCommunityPark Study August 1 1975
Bayshore Park Environmental Impact Analysis December 1 1974
The East River Parkway Tri-Town Program May 1 1967
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