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Closed Project Results

Project #Project DescriptionResponsible
Project ResultsResults Date
2122Asbestos Abatement Public WorksRFB Results5/18/18
2214BCCAN 2018 East Side (GBAPSD) ProjectTechnology ServicesRFB Results4/19/18
2218Painting Beams over Sidewald Canopy at AiportAirportRFB Results4/5/18
2219Bethel Park Wetland ScrapeLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2220DeKeyser Wetland ScrapeLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2221Watermolen Northern Pike Spawning MarshLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2222Bell North Pike Spawning MarshLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2223DeGreef Wetland Scrape and Berm RepairLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2224Handeland Wetland ScrapeLand ConRFB Results4/11/18
2230Zero Turn Rear Discharge Mower for AiportAirportRFQ Results5/1/18
2232HVAC ReplacementPublic WorksRFB Results5/23/18
2233Elevator/Front Entry ConfigurationsPublic WorksRFB Results6/8/18
2235AScience, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)PALSRFB Results7/16/18
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