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Closed Project Results

Project #Project DescriptionResponsible
Project ResultsResults Date
2248Engineering Services for LED lighting and lighting controls at Resch CenterPublic Works/FacilityRFQ Results1/14/19
2262Financial Advisor for Debt ServicingAdministrationRFP Results11/20/18
2267Vending ServicesMulti-DeptRFQ Results1/15/19
2280BCCAN 2019 Ashwaubenon Expansion - Phase 1Technology ServicesRFB Results12/17/18
2290Contractor for Emergency Landfill Cover RepairPort & Resource RecoveryRFQ Results1/22/19
2292Tabletop Self Check StationsLibraryRFQ Results1/9/19
2295Urban Youth Primary Prevention Substance Use GrantHealth and Human ServicesRFQ Results1/14/19
2297Micro ScrubberAirportRFQ Results2/5/19
2298Lion CagingNEW ZooRFQ Results2/19/19
2291Air Cooled Liquid Chiller ReplacementLibraryRFQ Results1/16/19
2294Open Protocol Direct Digital Control SystemLibraryRFB Results1/15/19
2293AAnimal Hospital Large Carnivore CagingNEW ZooRFQ Results3/5/19
2277Harbor Design and Park Planning for Bay Shore ParkParkRFP Results1/30/19
2300Chiller Compressor RebuildAirportRFB Results2/19/19
2303Barkhausen Architecture ServicesParksRFQ Results2/27/19
2281BCCAN 2019 Ashwaubenon Expansion Phase 2Technology ServicesRFB Results2/18/19
2284BCCAN 2019 Webster Ave Fiber RelocationTechnology ServicesRFB Results2/18/19
2299Snow Leopard ExhibitNEW ZooRFQ Results3/1/19
2310Campground DevelopmentParksRFQ Results3-26-19
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