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Closed Project Results

Project #Project DescriptionResponsible
Project ResultsResults Date
2062Process Service ProviderDA & Child SupportRFP Results4/12/17
2127Courthouse Dome Repair and RestorationPublic WorksRFB Results4/27/17
2135Rental of Towels, Mops and Floor MatsLibraryRFQ Results4/27/17
2137Commercial Wash MachineJailRFQ Results4/12/17
2140Demo of House and Detached GarageAirportRFB Results4/27/17
2141Replace Concrete Tip FloorPort & Resource RecoveryRFB Results4/12/17
2142Runway Closure MarkersAirportRFQ Results4/27/17
2148Fiber Optic Cable MaterialTechology ServicesProject cancelled
refer to 2148A
2152Bobcat Compact Track LoaderParksRFQ Results5/16/17
2153Family TeesGolf CourseRFB Results6/22/17
2154BCCAN 2017 UWGB Expansion ProjectTechology ServicesRFB Results6/6/2017
2155Fiber Optic Cable MaterialTechology ServicesRFQ Results5/31/17
2158Parking Lot ImprovementsADRCRFB Results6/10/17
2168Jail Parking Lot Crack Filling, Asphalt Sealing and StripingJailRFB Results8/2/17
2169Asphalt & Concrete Repairs in Pay Parking LotAirportRFB Results8/7/17
2171Watermolen Wetland ProjectLand ConAll Bids Rejected8/24/17
2172DeKeyser Wetland ProjectLand ConAll Bids Rejected8/24/17
2173Bethel Park Weland ProjectLand ConAll Bids Rejected8/24/17
2175Demo of Old Weather Service BuildingAirportRFB Results8/30/17
2176BCCAN 2017 East Side Expansion RFB Results8/30/17
2178Guardrails for Rental LogAirportRFB Results8/30/17
2182Barrier Gate for Fonferek ParkParksRFB Results9/18/17
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