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Did You Know?

(1) It is unlawful to follow a snowplow closer than 200 feet? It's illegal (State Statute 346.915) to follow a snowplow closer than 200 feet upon any highway having the posted speed limit of more than 35 mph if the snowplow is engaged in snow and ice removal. The majority of crashes involving snowplows and vehicles happen when a snowplow is rear ended or hit while being passed. Snowplows have wing plow blades that can extend anywhere between 2 and 10 feet beyond the width of the truck. This wing plow blade is often not seen because of the snow cloud being kicked up by the snowplow. These wing plows can often weigh as much as a compact car. See Statute Attached Below.

(2) It is unlawful to push snow or other materials onto or across roadways? It can cause accidents and/or death and is strictly prohibited under Wisconsin Statues 86.01 and/or 346.94(5). Anyone who does not comply will be held responsible for all penalties and liabilities. See Statute Attached Below.

(3) It is unlawful to erect unauthorized signs or markers onto a highway or right-of-way? State Statute 86.19 states " . . . .no sign shall be placed with the limits of any street or highway except such as are necessary for the guidance or warning of traffic or as provided by ss.60.23 (17m) and 66.0429. In addition State Statute 86.191 states "no person shall erect, or cause to be erected, any advertising, direction, guide, warning or other sign or marker within any public highway . . . ." See Statute Attached Below.

**In the event the above State Statute is violated, the item will be removed by Brown County Public Works, and placed in a designated area at our Duck Creek location (2198 Glendale Ave.) The item will be stored for up to 3 weeks and then discarded. If you would like to pick up your item during normal business hours, please contact our office at 920-492-4925.**

(4) It is unlawful to display any color other than blue reflectors at/near the entrance of a driveway from a county highway? State Statute 346.41(3) states that, "No person shall place or maintain, or allow to be displayed any red or amber reflector within the limits of the highway boundaries at or near the entrance to a private road or driveway. The use of blue reflectors is permitted provided there is no disapproval by the highway authority in charge of maintenance of the highway."

Who Takes Care of My Road?
DOT Mowing Policy
Mailbox Placement
Roadside Memorials
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