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PlanningOrganize Your Plan
Transportation ChoicesModified Vehicles

Transportation Services for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities in Brown County, WI


Where should you begin? Take a look at your situation.
  • Are you unable to drive a car due to a loss of vision or physical mobility?
  • Is it difficult to get to the grocery store or doctor's office?
  • Do you have concerns about an aging parent's ability to drive safely?
Creating a Plan: Start with these questions

Physical Needs:
  • Are you able to get into and out of a vehicle without assistance?
  • Can you get yourself to the bus stop?
  • Can you get into an dout of your wheelchair and into a vehicle without assistance or would you need a wheelchair lift?
  • Would you be able to drive yourself if you adapted your vehicle to be more accessible for your needs?
Types and Frequency of Trips
  • Do you need a ride to work every day?
  • Occasional trips to the store?
  • Transportation to medical appointments?
  • To play cards at the weekly card club or other social setting?
Scheduling and Convenience
  • Are you willing to reserve a ride 24-48 hours in advance?
  • Would you prefer to call for a ride the day you need or want to go?
  • Is cost a consideration?
  • Can you have cash handy?
  • How many trips can you afford?
  • Some transporation services may be partially paid for by programs such as Medicaid or Paratransit. Others you pay for at the time of the service.
Different Transportation Options for Different Uses
Most persons make many types of trips. You may want to consider using a number of different types of transportation for different trips. For example, you may be eligible to use Medical Assistance to pay for van service to the doctor's office and need to use Para-transit for trips to the store.

Types of Transportation: Service Options

Green Bay Metro
All Green Bay Metro buses are equipped with passenger lifts to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. Passengers must be able to get to the bus stop and board and exit the bus using the lift without assistance.

Reduced fares are available to people age 65 plus. To get the reduced fares Medicare recipients can show their Medicare card. Persons with a qualifying disability can obtain a reduced fare ID card. Travel Training is available to persons who are new to using the bus system and would like some help to learn how to use it to get where they need to go.

Go to the Green Bay Metro website:
ransit for more information, i.e.: routes, schedules, fares, trip planning, and a bus tracker app.

Para-Transit program sponsored by Green Bay Metro Transit
Para-Transit provides transportation for people with disabilities and seniors who have been certified as unable to use Green Bay Metro's regular route service for some or all trips. This service does not include medical assistance (MA) eligible rides. See MTM (below) for those rides. For more information go to this Green Bay Metro Paratransit Overview website or call Green Bay Metro Transit Paratransit Division at 9920) 448-3450, email, Fax: (920) 448-3461 .

Curative Connections Transportation Program
Curative Connections provides low cost transporation services for Brown County residents who are disabled and/or age 60 or over. Curative Connection Transportation VehiclesTransporation is offered within Brown County. Trip Priorities are medical transportation, work related, and nturtition related such as: grocery shopping or transportation to community meal sites. Social rides are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. Drivers may assist with packages, and may help passengers up and down one step. An application is required. Reservations are required 24 hours in advance. Cancellations are required at least two hours in advance.
  • Go to this Curative Connections Transporation Program Link to download the Policies and Application. Note: Curative Connections and Para-transit use the same application if you apply for one you are eligible for the other.
  • Call (920) 227-4272 to make a reservation and/or for more information.
MTM, Inc. the Non-emergency MA Transportation Provider
Medical Transportation Management, Inc. (MTM) is the non-emergency medical transportation services for certain Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members.
  • Call 1-866-907-1493 at least two business days in advance, unless your trip is ugent. Go to the MTM Wisconsin Website for more information.
MTM has a wealth of information on theMTM Wisconsin Website including forms, updates, frequently asked questions, the ability to reserve rides on-line and much more. Download the MTM Wisconsin Brochure for answers to many questions in both English and Spanish.

Van Transportation
Several independent van companies operate in the Green Bay area. Some provide service to areas outside of Green Bay and Brown County. Transporation is provided for medical, dental, and social appointments. Assistance is proved with loading wheelchairs into and out of the van. Most charge a flat rate up to a certain number of miles and then an additional charge per mile after that. These are "private-pay" which means you pay for the service when you use it.

Veterans Tranport
If you are a veteran with a scheduled appointment at a VA Clinic you can arrange a ride by calling DAV Transportation at (920) 431-2641 between the hours of 9 am - 3 pm. Transport will be provided round trip to the Milo Huempfner clinic wihtin a 20 mile radius. It is preferred that you call at least two weeks in advance. Rides are provided on a first call, first served basis. Call the DAV (920) 431-2641 for more detailed information.

Ride-Hailing Services
Ride-hailing is a new type of transportaiton services that uses technology to match reiders with drivers who use their own cars. "Uber" or "Lyft" are examples of this type of service in Brown County. Riders download an app and register a bank or credit card account to be charged for rides. Use your smart phone or tablet to search for and download the app of your choice. There is no cash exchanged between you and the driver. When you want a ride you tap the app and enter the location you are going to. You'll see your dirver's picture and vehicle details an dcan track their arrival on a map. Drivers use their own vehicles and may not be able to accommodate a wheelchair.

Taxi Services
There are a number of taxi companies that serve Green Bay and Brown County. This is a pay as you go service. You call the company of your choice to arrange a ride. Company information can found in the phone book or by searching on-line.

Friends, Family, Neighbors, Church members, etc.
When setting up your transportation plan don't forget to explore what friends, family, neighbors, your church or club friends can do for you. Does your church have a "ride board" of people who are willing to pick you up when they go to church? How about the card club, exercise or coffee time friends - does anyone drive near your home on their way? Sharing a ride is a great way to get around. Most people are happy to pick you up on their way. Don't be afraid to ask. Your neighbor needs groceries just like you do, would one of them be willing to pick up a few items for you wihen they go? So often people just need to be asked. Go through your transportation needs and plan with your famly and ask then where they think they fit in your ride plan. Encourage them to be honest about when they feel they can help.

Tip for Organizing Your Ride Plan

Here's a tip for a way to organize the plan you have developed. Take a sheet of paper, notebook, or a section of your address book and compile a list of options you've selected for your ride plan. Be sure to include their contact information. This will make setting up rides so much easier.
Name or CompanyPhone NumberTypes of Rides Available for

Modifying Your Vehicle or Buying an Accessible Vehicle
If you feel comfortable driving yourself or wan to consider having a vehicle for others to drive you, think about modifying your vehicle or purchasing one that is already set up for your needs. There are agencies and website that can advise you about what equipment to look for and provide information about low interest loan programs you might be eligible for.

Options for Independent Living, Inc.
Options for Independent Living is a local, non-profit organization that has a wealth of information and can provide assistance regarding options for vehicle modification and/or what to include when purchasing a modified vehicle. They have informaiton about and applications for WisLoan, a low intersest loan program designed to help persons purchase Assistive Technology (AT) equipment.

Vehicle Modifications and Accessible Vehicle Purchases
There is a lot to consider when modifying an existing or purchasing an accessible vehicle. Here is a list of addional resource to check out to help you make a decision that is best for you.
  • National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association: Very helpful and interactive site. Includes videos that demonstrate how the adaptive equipment for vehicles works
  • WisTech Assistive Technology, Wisconsin A4ALL: A searchable database for persons to find items that can be borrowed to try it out or purchase. State agencies, private businesses, lending programs, and individuals can list items for sale, giveaway, demonstration, or loan.
  • Infinitec: Informaiton about driving assessments, car modifications, etc.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Network Mobility - Driving Page: How to videos and brochures.
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