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Public Access Information

Public Access Terminals are available in the Register of Deeds Office, Room 260, 305 E. Walnut Street, Green Bay. Public Access Terminals are free of charge and are available for use during normal office hours.

Real Estate Records Access
There are currently two options avilable to access records on-line:

1. TAPESTRY – for the occasional professional user.
2. LAREDO – for the daily, local professional user.

Record Documents Electronically
eRecording has been made readily available for the larger title companies and banks – but what about the others? eRecording Partners Network is making it available for the “other” title companies and banks. Now you can realize the enormous benefits of eRecording without the cost outlays for hardware and software. Enjoy processing documents in minutes as opposed to weeks. Enjoy sending over the internet instead of the interstate. Minimize errors before it’s too late. This can all be done now with eCourier – and the best part – you don’t pay upfront costs. Finally someone is opening up this great technology to the “other” guys. That someone is ePN.

    What records can I access? In Brown County, the index of real estate documents recorded beginning 1986, tract index 1989, and the document images since May 1, 1996, are available. In addition, subdivision plats recorded on or after 8/11/1991 have been scanned, and all condominiums plats have been scanned.
    What equipment do I need? Your operating system must be Windows 2000, Windows XP, or above. You must have MS Internet Explorer ver 6.0 or higher web browser installed. You will also need video and monitor capable of at least 1024 X 768 resolution and 16 bit high color. If proxy or firewall is used, settings or ports must match Brown County ports.
    How much does it cost? LAREDO FEES

    Are there disclaimers I should read? Yes. Click Laredo Disclaimer which includes “wall dates.”


    What records can I access? In Brown County, the index of real estate documents recorded beginning 1986, tract index 1989, and the document images since May 1, 1996, are available.Select other counties on the Tapestry list to find out about their available records.

    What equipment do I need? You need Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later. You also need Adobe's PDF Acrobat Viewer to display document images.

    What are the fees? All searches cost $6.95. Each search can give you up to 200 listings. You can look at the detailed information about each document free of charge. If you want to print an image, the cost is $1.00 per page.

    Are there disclaimers I should read? Yes. Click Tapestry DISCLAIMER which includes “wall dates.”
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