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Staff by program

Devon Christianson, Director, email
Christel Giesen, Assistant Director, email
Debra Bowers, Finance Coordinator, email
Donovan Miller, Accountant Clerk, email
Laurie Ropson, Quality Assurance Outreach Coordinator, email
Meredith Hansen, Resource Specialist, email
Kristin Willems, Administrative Support Coordinator, email
Angela VanAsten, Office Assistant, email
Sherry Piatti, Office Assistant, email
Stacie Proper, Officer Assistant, email
Stephanie Thomson-Hughes, Office Assistant, email
Holly Kinnard, Switchboard, email
John Holzer, Facilities Placement Coordinator, email
Anita Jahnke, Maintenance Assistant, email

ADRC Programing, Grounded Cafe, and Dining Sites
Jeremy Sluslarek, Brown County AddLife Programs Coordinator,email
MaryJo Williams, De Pere Dining Site Assistant, email

Benefit Specialist Program
Tina Brunner, Benefit Specialist Coordinator, email
Benefit Specialist - Elder
Jessica Naber, email
Sarah Scott, email
Benefit Specialist - Disability
Kelly Long, email
Casey Strohman, email
Janelle Walton, email
Nyna Frelich, Benefit Assistant, email
Tara Palmbach, MIPPA Project Assistant, email

Information & Assistance Program
Mary Schlautman, Information & Assistance Coordinator email
Jessi Arvey, Information & Assistance Assistant Coordinator, email
Information & Assistance Specialists:
Diana Aguilar, email
Kendra Anderson-Viste, email
Brian Binder, email
Katie Erickson, email
Olivia Fero, email
John Fritz, email
Megan Hammer, email
Lori Hinz, email
Megan Kolton, email
Elena Kornis, email
Robin Kuklinski, email
Kriston Ladwig, email
Amy Lee, email
John Plageman, email
Lisa Smits, email
Jim Sweeney, email
Kelly Thompson, email
Pa Houa Xiong, email
Mary Jo Pirlot, Benefit Assistant, email
Sheri Mealy, Dementia Care Specialist, email
Anne Zieglmeier, Dementia Care Program Assistant, email

Nutrition and Volunteer Program
Kimberly Gould, Nutrition & Volunteer Coordinator, email
Abby Panure, Nutrition & Volunteer Assistant, email
Kim Baierl, Homebound Meals Co-Coordinator, HBM email
Julie Hamill, Homebound Meals Program Assistant, HBM email
Dave Passarelli, Homebound Meals Assistant
Melissa Schiltz, Homebound Meals Assistant

Prevention Program
Barb Michaels, Prevention Program Coordinator, email
Teri Bradford, Prevention and Caregiver Assistant, email
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