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Cyber Security is important for everyone. Each of us can do our part in protecting ourselves, our families and our community.

Brown County recommends that you do a few things to protect yourself.

Securing yourself at home and work
  1. Secure your Passwords
    1. Never share passwords with anyone. If your password becomes known, change it immediately
    2. Use complex passwords (passphrase such as “I like 2 fish on Lake Michigan”)
    3. Consider password management tools like LastPass, 1Password or Keepass.
    4. Regularly change your passwords, and don’t use the same password everywhere.
    5. Make sure your password is complex. You can test it at:
  2. Secure your Mobile Device
    1. Put a “PIN” or password on your smartphone or tablet
    2. If you use a Google Android device, install anti-virus on it such as AVG (free)
  3. Secure your Home PC/laptop
    1. Make sure your home PC has the latest patches and updates
    2. Make sure your home PC has anti-virus such as
      1. Free tools: Microsoft Security Essentials, AVAST or AVG.
      2. Paid tools: McAfee, Symantec or Kaspersky.
    3. Make backups using external devices or online services like CrashPlan or Carbonite
  4. Change the default userids and passwords on all devices (babycams, routers, TVs, security systems and so on).
  5. Consider personal identity protection such as: Lifelock, IdentityGuard, or LegalShield. If you can't afford these services, research doing it yourself.
  6. Learn about cyber risks, and educate your friends and family.
If you aren’t comfortable fixing your own computer, smartphone or tablet, find someone you trust to help you.

Link to Brown County Library Cyber Security Presentation (for a general audience)

Link to Brown County Cyber Security for Seniors

Link to Brown County Municipalities Cyber Security Presentation (for a more technical audience)

Link to Brown County Towns Assoc Cyber Security Presentation
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