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Public Works - Facility Management Commitment

It is important that everyone who works for the Public Works - Facility Management Division share a common set of beliefs. That way, we know what us expected of us. It is the commitment of this department to:

  • Meet the needs of our customers, both internally and externally. Our future is in the hands of our customers. We will be courteous, helpful, and responsive to them always. We want our staff to be focused on our/their customers, internal and external.

  • To deliver our services and products on time and meet our personal commitments made to others.

  • Make every effort to improve the reliability and ensure the availability of buildings and equipment.

  • Accept full responsibility for the quality of our work and continue to improve the quality of our services. We believe in total quality in all our processes, products and services. We want staff committed to our goals.

  • Do the job right the first time. We want our staff to do their best and to take responsibility for their own performance and that of the department as a whole.

  • Refine our skills and expand our knowledge to the level of expertise necessary to achieve excellence. We want our staff to grow.

  • Create and maintain a working environment conducive to the safety and well being of all employees and the community. We will make our world a better place to live.

  • Embrace a proactive posture which allows us to manage our time and resources to achieve failure avoidance.

  • Involve all employees as active participants in a team effort based on trust and respect. We want our staff to say what they think. We want them to work as a team. We believe in teamwork, free of internal politics. We will provide our staff with clear responsibility, the authority to act, challenging work and the opportunity for personal growth.

  • Foster in all employees a "can do" attitude which will ensure a positive work climate in which each employee can have a peace of mind found in job satisfaction. We will only employ staff who have a sense of urgency, take initiative, make things happen and share benefits. We believe in recognizing individual and team achievements with our employees. We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

  • Encourage all employees to be innovative and to take sensible risks. Mistakes will be tolerated when sensible risks are undertaken.

  • Continue to evaluate our performance to determine how effectively we are meeting our objectives and to identify areas for continued improvement.

  • We are committed to these principles and shall do everything within our power to meet or exceed them.
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