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Advanced Directives
  • Advanced Directives forms from the WI Dept of Health Services - Advance Directives are documents to convey your wishes for medical treatment should you be unable to. Wisconsin's site with forms for your use.

  • Source for document called Five Wishes - written in plain English, not medical or legal jargon, that helps people express in their own words their wishes for the kind of care they want in advance of a serious illness.

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan WRAP - The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or WRAP® is an evidenced-based system that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with mental health and other kinds of health challenges. WRAP involves listing personal resources and wellness tools, and then using those resources to develope Action Plans to use in specific situations which are determined by the individual writing the plan.
Aging and Disability Network Aging Network Alcohol & Other Drug Addictions (AODA)
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator - This searchable directory of drug and alcohol treatment programs shows the location of facilities around the country that treat alcoholism, alcohol abuse and drug abuse problems.
Benefits; i.e. Medicaid, Medicare, Prescriptions, Veterans, etc.
  • ACCESS Wisconsin - A quick and easy way for people who live in Wisconsin to find out if they might be able to get help with buying food, low or no cost health care or help with buying prescription drugs.

  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Housing - lending, rental assistance and other housing issues.

  • Integrated Community Services - Information on rental, heating and homeownership assistance for eligible applicants.

  • Medicaid in a Nursing Home When Married - Spousal Impoverishment - Facts about avoiding spousal impoverishment if you are married, in a nursing home and your spouse is living in your home.

  • Medicaid in Wisconsin - Contains links to medicaid publications, information on eligibility and so much more.

  • Medicare Part D Extra Help - A program designed to help people get extra help paying for Medicare Part D plans. Administered by Social Security Administration.

  • Medicare Savings Plans - Also called Medicare Premium Assistance. Information about help with paying for medicare premiums.

  • Medicare Web Site - The official medicare web site. Information on all federal programs associated with medicare, including supplemental insurance, medicare part D, and much more.

  • Needy Meds - Information about programs that offer financial assistance for paying for medications.

  • Senior Care - Wisconsin - Prescription drug assistance program for Wisconsin residents age 65 and older who meet eligibility criteria.

  • Social Security Administration - Federal Social Security web site. Calculate your benefit amount, get questions answered, forms, and more.

  • Tax Forms & Filing - Federal - Information and forms to file individual income tax returns - including how to file electronically - FREE.

  • Tax Forms - Wisconsin - Information and forms to file individual income tax returns, including homestead credit and earned income credit claims.

  • Veterans Affairs - Wisconsin - Learn about veterans benefits in Wisconsin, locate the veterans office in your area.

  • WI Medicaid Estate Recovery Program - Information about recovery of medicaid benefits from the estate of deceased participants.
Brain Injury - Disability
  • Brain Injury Alliance of Wisconsin - Information, educational opportunities and resources available in Wisconsin

  • BrainLine Organization - Comprehensive information resource for persons with brain injury, their families and the professionals who serve them. Section on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD)

  • Curative Connections - Rehabiliation services for persons with brain injury and support for caregivers

  • The Brain Injury Guide - Online book that explains head injury in clear, easy to understand language.
  • Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County - Information and assistance to fit your needs. Office, phone, and in-home options counseling on community resources to relieve caregiver stress. Connnection to respite care in area facilities or in-home care agencies and individuals for hire.

  • CarePages - CarePages are free, personal, private Web pages that help family and friends communicate with each other and others when someone is receiving care.

  • Community Services-211 Data Base - Search for Brown County (Wisconsin) community resources day or night.

  • Curative Connections - Adult Day programs, in-home care, dementia care, support for caregivers

  • Family Caregiver Alliance Fact Sheets - A collection of caregiver-related Fact Sheets available at no charge.

  • Hospice Foundation of America - Provides information about Hospice and resources, offers readings, and provides an opportunity to share your story with others.

  • League of Experienced Family Caregivers - Family caregivers who enroll in the registry will be part of a research program that is working to help create better services and resources to support family caregivers throughout the country. Caregivers can participate in the research program by completing a series of questionnaires about their caregiving experiences.

  • National Alliance for Caregiving - Provides support to family caregivers and the professionals who help them and increases public awareness of issues facing family caregivers.

  • National Family Caregivers Association - Educates, supports, empowers and speaks up for the more than 50 million Americans who care for loved ones with a chronic illness or disability or the frailties of old age.

  • Options for Independent Living - Great informaiton on available adaptive aides for home and workplace use. Take an on-line virtual tour of a showcase home full of adaptive aids.
  • Wisconsin Dementia Care Specialist Program - Find the Dementia Care Specialist nearest you, plus learn more about this grant-funded program, designed to bring resources, programs, and professionals to residents in 26 counties across the state.

  • Alzheimer's Association - As the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer's care, support, and research, the Alzheimer's Association website contains valuable information for people with dementia, their loved ones & caregivers, and professionals. Connect with the local Green Bay Outreach Office.

  • National Institute on Aging - Through the National Institute on Health, the National Institute on Aging provides information, resources, links, and publications on all things aging, including dementia.

  • Small Changes Make a Dementia Friendly Community - Watch this short video based on the perspective of Mary, an elderly woman living with Alzheimer's disease in her community. See how a little time and consideration make a huge impact! Published by the Alzheimer's Society, Great Britain.

  • A Hospital Stay with Dementia - Told through the eyes of Barbara, an elderly woman with dementia, see this short video on what it is like to have dementia & stay in an unfamiliar setting: a hospital. Published by Guy's & St. Thomas' NHS Foundation, Great Britain.

  • Barbara- The Whole Story - This series of six films showcases one woman's life with dementia. Created by nurses at Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospitals, Great Britain

  • Caregiving with Dementia- Teepa Snow - Teepa Snow is regarded as a leading educator on dementia, taking an approach to care that focuses on changing the caregiver's behaviors in order to have a more positive relationship with the person with dementia. Visit this link to her website, or check-out her materials at the ADRC.

  • What is Alzheimer's Disease? - These short "pocket" films from the Alliance for Aging Research are designed to be viewed anywhere. Take a minute to reduce stigma, improve care, and help the public fight against the disease.

  • Alzcast - Alzheimer's Disease: On-line video's (podcasts) covering topics on a wide variety of topics, i.e.: medications, behavior, workplace issues for caregivers to name just a few. Has current information about the diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease for caregivers, doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers

  • Alzheimer's Association - Provides information and services to people with Alzheimer´┐Żs , caregivers, researchers, physicians, and health care professionals.

  • Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) - Provides information and services to people with Alzheimer’s , caregivers, researchers, physicians, and health care professionals.

  • Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc. - Learn about LBD, find support, get up to date information for persons effected by, their families, caregivers and professionals who serve them.

  • Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Center - Contains articles on driving, nutrition, communication, stress management, depression, caregiving tips, including interactive caregiver stress tools.

  • - Search for memory cafes across the country with this national website.

  • The Alzheimer's Project - THE ALZHEIMER'S PROJECT shows there is now genuine reason to be optimistic about the future. Created by the award-winning team behind HBO's acclaimed "Addiction" project, this multi-platform series takes a close look at groundbreaking discoveries made by the country's leading scientists, as well as the effects of this debilitating and fatal disease both on those with Alzheimer's and on their families. Includes videos and a website packed with information for both caregivers and providers.

  • Virginia Family Caregiver Forum - Great resource for newsletters, letters, stories and suggestions of interest to anyone caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease

  • Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute - Part of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Provides listing of local diagnostic clinics, education and training opportunities and much more.
Developmental Disability Diabetes
  • American Diabetes Association - Nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, prevention information for adults and children. Advocacy, research, treatment.

  • CDC National Diabetes Education Program - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has lots of information and tutorials on all things diabetes. If you are living with diabetes or have a lonved one with the disease, use these resources to make healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Diabetes Etiquette - Be your own advocate! Share this tool with people who DO NOT have diabetes so they can understand what you or your loved one is experiencing with diabetes.

  • Diabetes Local - Website with listings of local resources that support the 8 Healthly Behaviors for Living with Diabetes.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - Information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • ASPIRO, Inc - Adult Day Services provide valued social and work related adult roles in the community. Evaluation services to assess individual vocational objectives, assets, limitations and behaviors.

  • CP - Northeast WI - CP's goal is to help people live the lives they want to live. We provide therapy and life skills services to infants, children and adults throughout Northeast Wisconsin, using a customized and innovative approach to care. Clients utilize specialized programming, therapy services, exercise and warm water therapy pools to meet their goals for independence.

  • Curative Connections - Social and recreational activities along with convenient personal care services and rehabilitative therapies available on-site. In-home support services. Assistance for returning to the job market after injury or illness.

  • DAWN Disability Advocates Wisconsin Network - Grassroots organization that focuses on the most important issues affecting all people with disabilities, their families, friends, and service providers. Practical advocacy tools to put into action for individuals and organizations.

  • Disability Rights Wisconsin - Protection and advocacy for persons with disabilities.

  • Discover Wisconsin- Accessible Wisconsin - State website that has information on recreational places, events, and equipment available to people with disabilities throughout Wisconsin.

  • Easter Seals of Wisconsin - Provides services to children and adults with disabilities and support to their families.

  • Job Accommodation Network - A free service for information and consultation regarding reasonable job accommodations. Great resource for employees and job seekers who need accommodations.

  • NorthEast Wisconsin Service Dogs - Non-profit organization that trains and place service dogs for persons with disabilities

  • Options for Independent Living - Northeast WI - Assist person with disabilities to live independent lives.

  • Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program TEPP - The TEPP (Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program) funding program can assist people with disabilities with the purchase of specialized equipment. SVRI brings you an online tutorial designed to answer your questions about the program. This FREE, self-paced, tutorial is available for consumers and service providers who want to learn more about using the TEPP program. Funding for the project was from a Non-Profit Access Grant program made available through the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.
    The tutorial is divided up into three parts and is presented in an audio visual format (with captions). We encourage you to work through the modules in order and then return, as needed, for information to any one of them in the future.

  • Waisman Center - The Waisman Center provides clinical care through 12 specialty clinics across the state through a collaborative partnership with the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic systems. The center provides full, detailed early assessments and evaluations of children with developmental disabilities. In addition, the Waisman Center conducts research, has training opportunities for students and the surrounding communities, services for individuals and families of those with developmental disabilities, and outreach into the community.

  • Wis Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - Provides employment services and counseling to persons with disabilities. Training and technical assistance to employers regarding disability issues.

  • Wisconsin Guide to Obtaining Augmentative Communication Devices - This booklet is intended for Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members, their caregivers, and providers considering augmentative communication devices, accessories, and services. Wisconsin Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus covers medically necessary equipment and services that meet state and federal guidelines
Disease Employment
  • Curative Connections Employment and Training Services - For persons with disabilities provides job preparation services including classroom and on-the-job training, skill development and hands-on work experience. Also assist with resume building, interviewing skills and basic work and soft-skill building in preparation for community employment.

  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation - DVR - Helps persons with disablities prepare for employment so they can get and retain a job. They provide guidance, couseling, job search and placement assistance. DVR also provides vocational and other training assistance as well as has supportive employment services for persons with severe disabilities.

  • Employment Resources Inc - ERI - Works with persons with disabilities to explore career possibilities and understand barriers to employment. Provides employment and benefits counseling services to help people attain their employment goals. ERI also offers consultation, training, and technical assistance to employers, human service professionals, disability advocates, government agencies and the public regarding disability and employment issues.

  • Options for Independent Living, Inc - Provides a review of current benefits and explanation of how benefits might be affected by employment. Information about available work incentive programs and assistive technology. Provides accessibility assessments in the home. Americans with Disability Act consultation for businesses to provide "reasonable accommodations" assessment including work place access and adaptive aides for maximum performance.

  • Senior Training and Employment Program - STEP - Helps low income people age 55 and older who are unemployed obtain paid, on-the-job training.

  • Wisconsin Senior Employment Program - WISE - Work training program for people 55 and older. Training is provided on-site by non-profit or government host agencies. Income limits apply.
  • Community Options Program - Wisconsin State website that explains the Community Options Program also known as COP. A program used to help persons fund long-term care services to help them stay in their homes. The program is found in counties where Family Care is not available. In Brown County Wisconsin contact the ADRC of Brown County at 920-448-4300 to learn about eligibility.

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - New financial information tool for consumers. Get information about how the bureau enforces the law for instance how they supervise financial institutions. Read articles about financial topics. Provides an avenue to file complaints if you've had a problem with a financial product or provider.

  • Dealing with a Drop in Income - Printable booklet with step by step practical advice about what to do when your income drops due to job layoff or illness, death or divorce.

  • Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement - Full of information for women to help them secure a financial future. Newsletter, blog, information sheets on many, many topics important to budgeting, investing, borrowing, etc. Addresses caregiving and it's financial consequences. Calculators and other tools. Easy to use, but compex enough to be a very comprehensive guide.
Government - Consumer Grandparents
  • AARP Grandparenting Page - Grandparenting issues from being part of your grandchildren's life to raising them.

  • Grandparenting Foundation - Valuable resource for information about both the fun and challenges of grandparenting.

  • Grandparenting Today - Provides a variety of information for grandparents raising grandchildren, including legal, financial information and emotional support.
Grief Guardianship
  • Guardianship of Adults - State of Wisconsin website with information about guardianship, including rights and responsibilities of the guardian and rights of the person under guardianship.

  • Guardianship of Adults Handbook - Handbook: Provides an overview of guardianship of adults in Wisconsin who meet the standards for a finding of incompetence, alternative ways of providing decision-making support, and ways to tailor guardianships to individual needs. It is aimed primarily at people involved in trying to assist adults who need support in decision-making due to impairments in their ability to receive and process information, including family members, advocates, support service providers, and educators. Produced by WI Dept of Human Services, Bureau of Long Term Support.

  • Guardianship Support Center at CWAG - The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups (CWAG) Guardianship Support Center (GSC) is a statewide resource for information about guardianship-related issues.

  • WI Circuit Court Guardianship Forms - Wisconsin forms used for Guardianship issues.

  • WisPACT - WisPACT stands for Wisconsin Pooled and Community Trust. WisPACT Special Needs Trusts are created to help preserve the assets of people with disabilities without endangering their eligibility for public benefits or placement on waiting lists.
  • ABC for Health in Wisconsin - Source for My Health Insurance Guide Book. Advocacy and Benefits Counseling (ABC) for Health is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families, particularly those with special needs or who are at risk.

  • Choose My Plate - MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image- a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate, in your cup, or in your bowl with this USDA website.

  • Healthline - Healthline provides a comprehensive overview of over 1000 health conditions for individuals and/or their loved ones. All information has been reveiwed for medical accuracy by an MD.

  • - Departamento Estadounidense de Salud y sitio Web de Servicios Humano en El español para ayudar a consumidores para tomar el control de su asistencia médica uniéndolos a nueva información y recursos que les ayudarán a tener acceso a calidad, cobertura de asistencia médica económica. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website to help consumers take control of their health care by connecting them to new information and resources that will help them access quality, affordable health care coverage.)

  • National Institute on Health in Spanish - Institutos Nacionales De La Salud

  • National Institutes of Health - A great source for health information and research.

  • Online Health Information: Can You Trust It? - Website: Learn when and how to trust online health information from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).

  • Wisconsin Consumer Guide to Health Care

  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services - Information on health services in Wisconsin
Health Care
  • Affordable Care Act Healthcare website - Website with information about the Affordable Care Act and signing up for healthcare.

  • Medicare - Hospital Compare - Information on how well hospitals care for patients with certain medical conditions or surgical procedures, and results from a survey of patients about the quality of care they received during a recent hospital stay. This information will help you compare the quality of care hospitals provide. Talk to your doctor about this information to help you, your family and your friends make your best hospital care decisions.

  • Medicare Video in American Sign Language (ASL) - An overview of the Medicare program, including what Medicare is, who qualifies, the four parts of Medicare (A, B, C, and D), new preventive services under the Affordable Care Act, and help paying Medicare costs.

  • Patient Advocate Foundation Website - Advocates for persons with chronic illnesses who are facing a medical debt crisis, trouble with insurance access and/or employment issues.

  • WI Dept Human Services Consumer Guide to Health Care - Website with links to use when you need to make a complaint about health care service you have received. There are different links for doctors, dentists, healthcare facilities, health plans, etc. Also a link with a guide for coping with large medical bills and expenses.
Health Insurance
  • Badger Rx Gold - Badger Rx Gold is a prescription drug program for uninsured and underinsured persons who live in Wisconsin. If you do not have health insurance, have health insurance, but do not have a prescription drug benefit, or are in a plan that does not cover the medicines you need Badger Rx Gold program may be able to help.

  • BadgerCare+ Core Plan - Website with information and application for basic health care services for low-income adults, from age 19 through 64 who do not have children or do not have dependent children under age 19 living with them.

  • COBRA - COBRA provides certain former employees, retirees, spouses, former spouses, and dependent children temporary continuation of health coverage at a group rate, when health coverage is lost due to specific events. The US Department of Labor has put together this publication that answers frequently asked questions about COBRA.

  • Finding Insurance Options - Government site that helps individuals, families and small businesses see which public, private or community programs they are eligible for. Easy to use tool to which uses a series of questions to narrow the search to find the health insurance best suited to your needs.

  • HIRSP Health Insurance Risk Sharing Plan - The HIRSP Authority is designed to help Wisconsin residents who qualify get access to high quality, affordable healthcare for Wisconsin residents. Persons who have a medical condition that’s preventing them from getting health insurance or who have lost their employer-sponsored coverage, should check this option out to see if they qualify. Get information about the plan and easy to follow steps to see if you qualify.
Hearing Impaired - Disability
  • Center for Communication, Hearing & Deafness - A non-profit organization, the Center is the ONLY place of its kind in Wisconsin, where individuals with all degrees of hearing loss - from infants to the elderly - can find comprehensive programs and services that enhance communication and promote independence.

  • Healthy Hearing - Search for local clinics and doctors, information about types of hearing loss and devices.

  • Northeast WI Office of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing - Northeastern Region office contact information serving northeastern Wisconsin. Scroll down on the right.

  • Wisconsin Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Link is to the State of WI directory of services for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.
    Northeastern Wisconsin Regional Office: 17 Park Place Suite 175, Appleton, WI 54914, 920-659-7317, Textnet/TTY/relay: 888-241-9430, or 711 to use the Wisconsin Relay Service. Fax: 920-832-4952

  • Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay System - Information on Wisconsin relay service using the phone dial 711 - it's free
Home - Owners & Renters
  • Household Housing Guide - Printable booklet loaded with links to and information about numerous topics related to housing. Home purchasing, financing, preventing foreclosure, repairs, remodeling, lead paint removal, weatherization, rental assistance, improving assessibilty for disabled persons and so much more.

  • Wisconsin Housing On-line Search Tool - Easy to use service available to anyone looking for a house or apartment to rent in Wisconsin. Use the on-line search or call toll-free 1-877-428-8844. Select a city to get a list of properties, click a property for more information about cost and amenities. Free for renters to search and landlords to submit listings. Click the link to go to the site and/or print this WIHousing Search flyer for future reference or to share with a friend.
Home Care Legislative Representatives Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender LGBT
  • Fair Wisconsin - Wisconsin organization working for a fairness and equality for LGTB Wisconsinites.

  • Forge Transgender Aging Network - Mission: The Transgender Aging Network (TAN) exists to improve the lives of current and future trans/SOFFA (significant others, friends, family and allies) elders.

  • Gay Lesbian Medical Association - GLMA's mission is to ensure equality in health care for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and health care providers. Provides advocacy and resources for both patients and providers.

  • LGBT Aging Resources Clearinghouse - The LGBT Aging Resources Clearinghouse of the American Society on Aging opens the door to knowledge about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people ages 50-plus. Whether you're an elder, a young person, a caregiver, a student, a researcher, a policymaker, a journalist, or a helping professional, the clearinghouse offers you the keys to understanding and respect for LGBT elders. Includes a searchable database.

  • National Resource Center on LGBT Aging - The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging is the country's first and only technical assistance resource center aimed at improving the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults. Information for both providers and consumers of services.

  • SAGE USA - SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) is the world's oldest and largest non-profit agency addressing the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender elders. SAGE works with LGBT elders to address and overcome the challenges of discrimination in older adult service settings, while also being an essential component in the creation of informal caregiving support, and development of new "family" networks.
Long Term Care
  • Long Term Care Fine Your Path Forward - Great website that steers you toward the important questions to ask yourself in thinking about long term care for yourself or a loved one. It's more than just insurance, it's housing, homecare, assistive devices, how to pay for services, making sure your wishes are known to your family. Helps you organize your thoughts and ask the right questions.
Long Term Care Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance - Before purchasing this type of insurance check out this unbiased information source from the Wisconsin Commisioner of Insurance website. You'll find explainations of the different types of Long-Term Care Insurance, list of Wisconsin approved policies, coverage and premium information.
  • Medicare and Current Employer Benefits - If you are eligible for Medicare, still employed and covered under a health insurance plan should you enroll in Medicare? This pamphlet answers very important questions about employer health benefits, employment situations, and in what circumstances should you enroll or delay enrollment in Medicare.

  • Medicare Coverage in a Skilled Nursing Facility - This area of coverage is one of the most confusing, this flyer may help you understand Medicare's coverage benefits and limitations.

  • Medicare Part D Extra Help - A program designed to help people get extra help paying for Medicare Part D plans. Administered by Social Security Administration.

  • Medicare Savings Plans - Also called Medicare Premium Assistance. Information about help with paying for medicare premiums.

  • Medicare Web Site - The official medicare web site. Information on all federal programs associated with medicare, including supplemental insurance, medicare part D, and much more.

  • Staying Healthy My Medicare - Listing of Health screenings and preventive services that Medicare pays for. What care costs are covered for persons with Alzheimer's, cancer, or diabetes. Information about the Living Well Workshops that are offered right here in Brown County WI. Click this link Prevention Page and scroll down for information about upcoming classes.

  • Wisconsin Medigap Helpline - Wisconsin Medigap Helpline is an invaluable service to answer your questions about Medicare and Medicare Advantage health plans. A few areas they help in include; if you are changing insurance coverage, quiting, changing or retiring from a job, thinking about purchasing Long Term Care insurance, plus more.
Mental Health Recycling
  • Brown County Recycling Website - The site includes a quick-hit button to provide users with a way to find out “What Do I Do With…?” Your single source for answers to common questions like “What plastic containers can be recycled?”, “Are shingles recyclable?”, “Can I recycle plastic bags?”, “Why isn’t tissue paper and wrapping paper recyclable?”, “How do I get rid of old paint?”
Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Planning Briefs - Society of Actuaries Schaumburg, IL (SOA) - SOA's Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks published a series addressing a variety of retirement decisions. The briefs are written in everyday language and offer practical considerations and advice. Some topics include deciding when to retire, what to do when retire comes too soon, finding a trustworthy financial advisor and much more.

  • Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning - Retirement is not that same as it was for persons who retired 10 years ago with guaranteed pensions and health insurance for life. Retirement now is a mystery - How to plan when you need to depend on your own work related and personal savings and Social Security? If you are 10 - 15 years out from retirement this booklet is for you.

  • Upper Midwest Pension Rights Project - Funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging, this service provides free legal counseling to people of any age or income. This pension counseling project helps you understand your pension rights and claim benefits you have earned, regardless of the type of company you worked for or the type of pension plan involved. This service will also help locate lost pensions throughout your career.
State Identification Card
  • Obtaining a State Identification Card - State ID Card - How to get one free: If you do not hold a Wisconsin Drivers License and would like to obtain a state ID this website explains how to go about doing just that. If you request a ID Card for voting purposes you will not be charged. Go to this link for more information.
Stroke Transition School to Adulthood
  • Resources for Students with Disabilities - Website: This guide explains the legal rights for a student with disabilities, and the campus resources that can provide assistive services and tools. Find links to a number of sites, apps, and software resources designed to aid students with specific types of disabilities.

  • Opening Doors to Employment - Booklet Series: One in a series of three booklets published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Created to provide input and direction to students as they set and work toward their employment goals. It offers career exploration strategies, job preparation advice, and job search strategies.

  • Opening Doors to Postsecondary Education and Training - Booklet Series: One in a series of three booklets published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Leads the reader through a process of planning for life after high school that includes making decisions, planning, and taking action. Helps the student to consider his or her strengths and weakness, plan a high school experience that will achieve specific goals, explore possibilities for work and a career, and identify the next steps for life after high school.

  • Opening Doors to Self-Determination Skills - Booklet Series: One in a series of three booklets published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Setting and achieving goals helps students grow. Knowing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses is important as students prepare for life after high school. As Students move through school and toward adulthood, they go through a process of considering who they are and who they wish to become. Students can work with counselors, parents, and teachers as they work with this resource.

  • Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training & Support - Also known as Wisconsin FACETS. Resource for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

  • Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative - For both professionals and parents information about events, training, advocacy and preparation for transitioning from youth to adulthood.

  • Wisconsin Youth First - Unique website developed by youth, for youth. Wisconsin friends can keep in touch, about school, work and leadership activities.
  • Green Bay Metro - Green Bay Metro webpage for schedules and fares. Find out where to purchase bus passes. Includes a link to the Trip Planner, where you can type in your destination and find out what bus to take and where the bus stops are for your trip.

  • MTM Wisconsin Non Emergency Medical Transportation - MTM Wisconsin provides non-emergency medical transportation for specific Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus members. Their website offers information about their services, answering frequently asked questions, providing forms, instructions for members and their providers and an on-line reservation tool.
Vision - Blind & Impaired
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