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Shorelands, Wetlands, and Floodplains
1. What shoreland areas are regulated by Brown County Zoning?

Brown County Zoning regulates all the shoreland, wetland, and floodplain areas in the unincorporated areas in Brown County. In addition, the village of Bellevue has contracted with Brown County Zoning to regulate these areas in their municipality. These include areas that are:
  • Within 1,000 feet of the ordinary high-water mark of navigable lakes, ponds, or flowages; and
  • Within 300 feet of the ordinary high-water mark of navigable rivers or streams, or to the landward side of the floodplain, whichever distance is greater.

2. Why do I need to obtain a shoreland permit?

Obtaining a permit will ensure that you are in compliance with the minimum requirements of Chapters 22 and 23 of the Brown County Code of Ordinances.

3. Will I need permits from other governmental agencies once I obtain a shoreland permit from Brown County Zoning?

It is ultimately the responsibility of the property owner to contact other governmental agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Natural Resources, or their local town, city, or village to determine any other permit requirements. Every effort is made to advise what other permits may be needed.

4. Is there a shoreland permit fee? If so, what is that fee used for?

All shoreland permits require a fee as set each year in the Brown County budget. The fees collected are used to pay for a portion of the administrative costs associated with the shoreland program. The remainder is paid by the general county levy.

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