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General Information

Welcome to the Brown County UW-Extension Website!

We are located at:

Agriculture & Extension Service Center
1150 Bellevue Street, Green Bay, WI 54302
Find Us!

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Breakfast on the Farm Needs YOU!
If you would like to volunteer to work at 2015 Breakfast on the Farm, please click here

2014 Community Resource Handbook
The 2014 Community Resource Handbooks are available at the Ag & Extension Service Center, 1150 Bellevue St, Green Bay. The cost is $3.50 per book. Please click on the cover to place an order.

2015 Brown County Fairest of the Fair Gala
Sunday, April 26, 2015
Tundra Lodge Resort & Conference Center
Green Bay, WI
Program begins at 3:30 pm; Refreshments served at 3:00 pm
$10 per ticket
Tickets are available at the Ag & Extension Service Center
1150 Bellevue Street
Green Bay, WI 54302

4-H and Youth Development
Developing leadership, character and good citizenship in America's youth while having fun!
Follow this link to learn about 4-H.

Please click here for registration information

Please click here for registration information.

4-H Tech Wizard Grant Comes to Brown County 4-H
Brown County 4-H is looking for 3-4 volunteers, who would be interested in working with ten (10) 4th and 5th grade students from Fort Howard’s afterschool program, as part of a national program that is coming to Brown County beginning February 2015 – called 4-H Tech Wizards. The Tech Wizards program is a formal, year-long mentoring program for students that capitalizes on using emerging technologies as a way of engaging and involving youth and their families in learning basic life and workforce skills. The mentoring program aspires to have youth see post-secondary education, productive jobs and careers and community engagement as attainable for them.

We are looking for 3-4 adults to serve as mentors for the program. These mentors would work with students (at a 1-3/1-4 ratio) at Fort Howard for about 1-1.5 hours per week (exact schedule will be set based around the mentors’ schedules) on a STEM related afterschool hands-on project, which could range from robotics or any other STEM related project (balloon powered cars, aerodynamics, construction – the topics are limitless!!). The mentors would make a 1 year commitment, and of course would receive initial and ongoing STEM education from our office and the State 4-H office. Volunteers DO NOT need to have a STEM background – training will be provided.

Click here to view the position description. If you, or anyone you know, is interested, please contact Melinda Pollen at 391-4613 or

The United States Department of Agriculture has released the Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry Outlook. Click here to view.

Urban Horticulture & Natural Resources
Brown County UW-Extension & NEW Master Gardener are Offering 2015 Horticulture Classes
Sustainable Lawn Care Practices
Wednesday, April 29; 6-8 PM, Ag & Extension Service Center
Learn up-to-date basic of lawn care from Vijai Pandian, Horticulture Educator. Learn when, what, and how for fertilizing, weed control, maintenance, and grass seed selection. Cost to attend is $5 payable to the Brown County Treasurer. Pre-register by sending your contact information and payment to: Hort Dept., Brown County UW-Extension,
1150 Bellevue St., Green Bay, WI 54302.
Growing Blueberries in Containers
Wednesday, May 6; 5-6:30 PM, Ag & Extension Service Center

Our soil in Northeast Wisconsin generally is too basic to successfully grow blueberries. Contained blueberries offer the chance to keep the medium blueberries are in at a level they can thrive. Vijai Pandian, Horticulture Educator, will help guide us to tasty results. Cost to attend is $5 payable to the Brown County Treasurer. Pre-register by sending your contact information and payment to: Hort Dept., Brown County UW-Extension, 1150 Bellevue St., Green Bay, WI 54302.
For more information on the 2015 Horticulture classes contact:
Brown County UW-Extension Horticulture Department at 920-391-4653

Compost Bins are available at UW-Extension

Composting yard materials and certain food scraps can provide valuable material for gardens and landscaping while reducing costs for landfilling. Compost is a soil-like material produced from the breakdown of organic materials that is rich in stabilized carbon. It is considered a soil amendment, rather than a fertilizer, because it usually contains only small amounts of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Lawn fertilizer contains significant amounts of all three.

Home composting can be done in bins or in a heap, however, bins are a better way to manage the materials in an urban setting. UW-Extension, in partnership with Brown County Solid Waste, are selling compost bins for $55 which includes a recipe book. The bin measures approximately 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall and holds 13 cubic feet of material. Stop in at 1150 Bellevue Street, Green Bay, to purchase one!

Need to test your soil?
What you need to do:
Gather a composite sample of the soil that you would like to be tested. Collect small samples from at least 6 locations in the area and combine them into one composite sample.
  • Sample the soil from about 5 to 7 inches into the ground
  • You will need at least 2 cups of soil for each composite sample
Bring your soil to the Brown County UW-Extension Office.
  • The samples are shipped out every Wednesday to the UW Soil & Forage Analysis Lab in Marshfield.
Wait for your results
  • This can take from 10 days to 2 weeks, but during the spring and early summer it may take longer due to a large number of samples at the lab.
If you have questions about your results you can contact the Brown County UW-Extension Horticulture Help Desk at -- 920-391-4615.
Soil testing is available at Brown County UW-Extension office. For information on this service, please click here.

Family Living

Click here to register for this program

Please click here for registration form

Education Simulations for Our Community
Find out more about how educational simulations are used by Brown County UW-Extension to educate everyone from policy makers to local community residents. Click here.

Nutrition Education Program
The Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program (WNEP) at UW-Extension in Brown Count helps the limited resource families and individuals at all stages of life establish healthy eating habits and a physically active lifestyle to increase food security and prevent or postpone nutrition-related chronic disease.
Find out more -- click here

Community Gardens
For a number of years, Brown County UW-Extension has supported the development of urban community gardens throughout the Green Bay area. The gardens are managed cooperatively by Brown County UW-Extension, the City of Green Bay, and local volunteers. Financial support comes from the UW System, the United States Department of Agriculture, and local private donors.
For more information, click here.

FIELDS is a Wisconsin-based collaboration of professional science education partners who provide authentic and relevant environmental science and science education experiences for students and teachers through in-the-field, hands-on activities.
Our award-winning educators bring our programs to your schools, offering unmatched outdoor educational experiences while saving you transportation expenses.

FIELDS programs are well-researched and exceed current science standards as well as the Common Core Science Standards. Various programs also satisfy Math, Technology, Social Sciences, Language Arts, Art and Physical Education standards.
They are available for students of all ages – from Pre-K through grade 12 and with state-of-the-art technology we can provide e-field trips, videoconferencing and more.

We offer flexibility:
Schedule programs for the time you have available, from a few hours to all day or even multiple days.
Combine programs or topic areas to experience more than one curriculum area or educator.
Put together a program that satisfies your curriculum and hands-on needs – we’ll help you do it!
If you prefer, some programs also are available “on the road,” creating a field excursion away from the school grounds, taking advantage of our rich natural heritage in Northeast Wisconsin.

Our goal is to link professionals, students, teachers and communities through outdoor field experiences.

For more information, click here.
The University of Wisconsin Extension provides affirmative action and equal opportunity in education, programming and employement for all qualified persons regardless of race, color, gender/sex, creed, disability, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital or parental, arrest or conviction record, or veteran status.

Contact:  Judy Knudsen - Family Living Educator/Department Head
Phone: 920-391-4610
Fax: 920-391-4617
Mailing Address:  1150 Bellevue Street
Green Bay, WI 54302
Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
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