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Natural resources planning includes administration of various regulatory and non-regulatory environmental programs, provides review and comment on pending federal, state, and local legislation relating to environmental issues and concerns, and provides education, information, and assistance to public officials, private citizens, surveyors, realtors, and developers. Specific duties performed by the Natural Resources Planner include erosion control planning, stormwater management planning, environmentally sensitive area planning, public and private sanitary sewer extension reviews, sanitary sewer service area planning, open space and outdoor recreation planning, and environmental assessments.

Shoreland Zoning and Environmentally Sensitive Area Pamphlet (December 2012)

Brown County Shoreland Zone Environmentally Sensitive Area Best Practices Report (December 2012)

Shoreland Zoning and ESA Maps for each community in Brown County

Lily Lake Information

Fishery Investigation of Lily Lake for Brown County Parks and Recreation - This report summarizes a recent fish survey and proposes management strategies for Lily Lake and its tributary watershed in the southwestern part of the Town of Eaton, Brown County, Wisconsin.

Draft Lily Lake Management Plan (Phase III & IV) - This document summarizes the baseline status of the water quality and fishery of Lily Lake and provides management guidelines for sustaining the overall environmental health of Lily Lake.

Lily Lake Watershed Land Use and Water Quality Study (Phase II) - This report summarizes existing water quality for Lily Lake and its tributary watershed in the southwestern part of the Town of Eaton, Brown County, Wisconsin.

Lily Lake Watershed Land Use and Water Quality Study (Phase I) - The project area includes Lily Lake and its tributary watershed in the southwestern part of the Town of Eaton, Brown County, Wisconsin.

Brown County Sewage Planning
Sewer Service Areas and Environmentally Sensitive Areas

2040 Brown County Sewage Plan (September 2015) – To encourage the protection of water quality, the 2040 Brown County Sewage Plan identifies sewer service areas and environmentally sensitive areas within Brown County. An amendment application manual can be found at the link below.

The 2040 Brown County Sewage Plan covers the following types of reviews:
  • Wastewater Facility Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Extensions
  • Large Onsite Systems
  • Area Wide Water Quality Management
  • Sewer Service Area Amendments
  • Environmentally Sensitive Area Amendments
  • Plan Corrections
  • Erosion Control Planning
  • Storm Water Management Planning
  • Technical Assistance and Education
Amendment Application Manual (May 2011) – This link will take you to the updated application manual needed to perform sewer service area amendments and environmentally sensitive area amendments in Brown County. The same Amendment Application Manual is used for minor amendments and major amendments. The model affidavit and instructions needed for plan corrections can be found on the Fee Schedule link below.

Fee Schedule (May 2011) – This link will take you to the Fee Schedule for costs related to various Sewage Plan reviews. The Fee Schedule includes links to the updated Amendment Application Manual as well as the Plan Correction model affidavit and instructions.

Online GIS Sewer Service Areas and Sanitary Districts – You are able to use the online Brown County GIS map to view approved sewer service areas and approved existing sanitary districts. The layers will allow developers, surveyors, and property owners easy access when reviewing the property. The sewer service area and sanitary districts can be viewed along with air photographs, property boundary, and assumed environmentally sensitive area data at the same time in order to further assist in the protection of water quality in Brown County.

Active Projects that are not filed under the WDNR SWIMS Website:
MS4 Permit Annual Report and Update
Water Quality Management Letters

The Brown County Planning Commission is a ‘Designated 208 Water Quality Planning Agency’ and, as such, is required to review public and private sanitary sewer extensions and laterals for conformance with its‘ Areawide Water Quality Management Plan’. Separate reviews are required for public sewer extensions under Wisconsin Administrative Code NR-110.08 and private building sewer laterals, (multifamily, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses only; this does not include single family dwellings), under Wisconsin Administrative Code COMM 82.20(4)©.

If the proposed project falls within a designated SSA Boundary, or is not within a community that has an SSA Plan, it is typically deemed to be consistent with the Areawide Water Quality Management plan and a ‘208 Letter’ (also referred to as a ‘WQM Letter’) is issued. Occasionally, Commission staff may find other concerns with the proposed extension, such as potential negative impact on a designated Environmentally Sensitive Area or intergovernmental relationships. In these cases, approvals may be issued with certain conditions. The ‘208 letter’ is then submitted to the WDNR or Dept. of Commerce with the project information for their review and approval.

For requirements for public sewer extensions:
  • Cover letter indicating:
    • Community and County which project is located
    • Request for a review and WQM letter
  • WDNR Sewer Extension Submittal Form 3400-59
  • General Project Location Map
  • 1 set of Plans/Specifications (engineering drawings)
For multi-family, commercial, industrial, or institutional private lateral extensions:
  • Cover letter indicating:
    • Community and County which project is located
    • Request for a review and WQM letter
  • General Project Location Map
  • 1 set of Building Plans which shows connection point(s) of lateral to structure(s) and to the public sewer line
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