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Stay Healthy Stay Active

Join the ADRC & community professionals every month for presentations on a variety of health topics.

All classes held at the ADRC, 300 S. Adams St., Green Bay. Registration is required three days prior to every event, unless otherwise noted, as space is limited. Call the ADRC at (920) 448-4300 for more information and to register.

August Topics

Living in the Present Moment
Woman's Retreat

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
$15/person (includes transportation, lunch and tax)
9:45 am depart ADRC 1:15 pm return

Come with an open heart/mind to experience the beauty and peace at Rader's pond and garden in Suamico. laVon will share ways to live life more mindfully; in a positive and purposeful manner.

Living a Resilient Life:
Practical Tools for Reducing Stress

Wednesday, August 2, 2017
10:00 - 11:00 am

Stress is a part of life. Some days can be more stressful than others, and it is important that we know how to bring ourselves back into balance. If you could use a few more stress-reduction tools in your toolbox, join us for this workshop and walk away with your own personal action plan to minimize the effects of stress and start living a more empowered and joyful live.

BE! Brain Enrichment Course

Thursdays, Aug. 31 - Nov. 2, 2017
12:30 - 2:00 pm

1 1/2 hours each week for 10 weeks, $20 (includes workbook)

  • about the brain's process of attention, working memory, long-term memory, reasoning, problem solving
  • mental exercises each week to engage and stimulate the brain
  • about lifestyle practices for maintaining brain health
  • strategies for improving thinking and memory
This course, lead by a local facilitator was developed by Linda Sasser, Ph.D. in Education Psychology, who has taught extensively on brain health and memory improvement.
Deadline to register is one week prior to start date, or upon filling.

Stepping On: Prevent Falls - Stay Safe - Stay Active
Fall prevention in Brown County is a serious issue. Just look at the numbers:
  • 1 out of every 3 Americans 65+ experience a fall every yearEvery 11 seconds someone in Wisconsin visits the emergency department or hospital for a fall-related injury
  • Falls are the leading cause of fatal death in Wisconsin, making our state the second in the nation for falls-related deaths
  • 21 patients are admitted to an emergency room every day in Green Bay, making Brown County one of the highest-ranked counties for falls in the state
  • 40% of people admitted to a nursing home had a fall in the 30 days prior to admission
  • Of those who fall, 20% to 30% suffer moderate to severe injuries such as hip fractures or head traumas that reduce mobility and independence, and increase the risk of premature death.

Stepping On is a falls prevention program for seniors age 60+ that have fallen, have a fear of falling or want to avoid falling. The workshop runs for 7 weeks, meeting 2 hours each week. A $20 fee includes all learning materials.

Stepping On workshops offer:
  • A team of experts on falls prevention to help make simple changes in your lifestyle to minimize your risk of falling
  • Discussions about in-home falling hazards, how to improve your vision, medication risks related to falls, the proper use of assistive devises
  • Demonstration and practice of simple strength and balance exercies proven to help you improve your strength and balance.
  • 50% reduction in falls
  • 70% reduction in emergency visits due to falls
Don't take our word for it! Watch these brief videos to see how Stepping On workshops have helped people just like you:
  • See the actual strength & balance exercises demonstrated by Stepping On leaders in this Stepping On video. Note: This video is a national video. Please call ADRC of Brown County for local class information.
  • Eau Claire, WI's Stepping On program outlines the series with participant testimonials in this Stepping On video.
Sign up for one of these 2017 Stepping On Workshops:
Call (920) 448-4300 to register.

Mondays, Sept 11 - Oct 23
9:00 - 11:00 am
Aurora BayCare Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center
1160 Kepler Drive, Green Bay, WI

Wednesdays, Sept 13 - Oct 25
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
Prevea Shawano Ave Health Center
1727 Shawano Avenue, Green Bay, WI

Tuesdays, Oct 3 - Nov 14
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
ADRC, 300 S. Adams Street, Green Bay, WI

Mondays, Oct 16 - Nov 27
10:00 am - 12:00 noon
ADRC, 300 S. Adams Street, Green Bay, WI

Keep Stepping

Continue on your path to staying healthy & active! If you have completed the Stepping On workshop, you may be eligible for this series. The ADRC & NWTC Physical Therapy (PT) Program have teamed up to provide you with one-on-one exercise assistance with a PT student. Call the ADRC at (920) 448-4300 to find out more.

Want to learn more? Watch this Keep Stepping Video.

Still have yet to sign-up for a Stepping On workshop? Contact the ADRC at (920) 448-4300 today so you can register and then be eligible for a future Keep Stepping session!

Freedom from Falls

Freedom from Falls- Simple Ways to Prevent a Fall

Learn from the experts! This easy-to-follow tool helps you become aware of your risk of falling. Learn what you can do in your home & everyday life to prevent a fall. Included are simple exercise suggestions that will improve your strength & balance, plus make your home safer.

Brochure written & produced by the Brown County Prevention Coalition:
Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Bellin Health, HSHS St Vincent and St Mary's Hospitals, MetaStar, and the ADRC of Brown County.

Healthy Living with Diabetes

A workshop to help you manage your diabetes with confidence!

Diabetes is a national health issue, 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes, of those 10.9 million, or 26.9% of all people in this age group have diabetes. Source: American Diabetes Association website: Data from the 2011 Diabetes Fact Sheet. In Wisconsin, there are 475,000 adults with diabetes and 1.45 million adults with pre-diabetes.

Once diagnosed, what do you do? So much information, so many changes you need to make in your life. And if you don't the consequeces to your health are very serious. Diabestes is the leading cause of blindness, heart disease and stroke, and amputation of lower extremities.

This workshop is designed to help adults with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes learn skills and increase confidence in managing their diabetes. You meet for 2.5 hours once a week for six weeks. It complements not replaces the existing treatments you are already receiving.

People who have taken the workshop show:
  • Better health, and a sense of confidence in managing their diabetes
  • Improvements in blood sugar levels
  • Decreast in health distress and hypo- and hyperglycemia
  • Fewer doctor and emergency room visits and fewer hospitalizations.
A $20 fee includes a book and all learning materials.

Workshops are run throughout the year call the ADRC (920) 448-4300 to find out more.

Living Well With Chronic Conditions
A Workshop that helps you feel better, be in control so you can do the things you want to do.

Put life back into your life by participating in a Living Well Workshop. If you have a condition such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety, the Living Well workshop can help you take charge of your life.

You'll get the support you need, find practical ways to deal with pain and fatigue, discover better nutrition and exercise choices, understand how to evaluate new treatment choices, and learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health. Learn from trained volunteers with health conditions themselves. Set your own goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve your health-and your life. The class is fun and interactive.

The workshop fee of $20 includes the use of learning materials. Workshops run 2 1/2 hours for 6 weeks and are held at various locations throughout the year. Call 920-448-4300 for more information. Living Well with Chronic Conditions general information flyer.

This class is an evidence-based program from Standford University. To learn more about the study, please read the article "Effect of a Self-Management Program on Patients with Chronic Disease".

Hear from a trainer just how valuable the Living Well class is. Living with Chronic Conditions Video

Healthy Living with Chronic Conditions Workshops run throughout the year
Call the ADRC at (920) 448-4300 for the dates of the next workshop

Arthritus Exercise at the ADRC AddLife Center

The AddLife Center at the Aging & Disability Resource Center, 300 South Adams Street, Green Bay is the place to go to exercise!

With the help of dedicated volunteer leaders, the ADRC offers an Arthritus exercise class for all abilities throughout the year in the ADRC Wellness Studio.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program in the ADRC Wellness Studio
Call the ADRC (920) 448-4300 for registration and information on the next Arthritis Class:

Accredited by the Arthritis Foundation this class helps persons with Arthritis who thought they couldn't exercise, stay flexible, reduce pain and decrease stiffness. In person class at the AddLife Center.

Other Exercise Options at the ADRC

Periodically throughout the year the ADRC offers classes and/or demonstrations for other exercise methods and classes. Watch for these in the latest issue of the ADRC Magazine (found on the ADRC home page scroll down)

Jin Shin Jyutsu - The art of releasing tensions to relief stress and pain.

Tai Chi - Moving meditation helpful for arthritis and balance, along with decreasing anxiety and depression. No charge to attend.

Sit and Be Fit - A chair-based class tied to music that builds strength, flexibility and balance. The benefits you gain with this basic exercise program will last a lifetime.


Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention

The Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention is made up of many organizations working together to provide education and promote awareness for suicide prevention, and overcome the stigma of suicide. Go to their website Brown County Coalition for Suicide Prevention for more information. Scroll down for a link to their brochure.

Learn How to Save a Life with QPR
You may be in the best possible postion to prevent suicide. Much like CPR or the Heimlich maneuver, the fundamentals of QPR* are easily learned and like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, the application of QPR may SAVE a life. QPR is designed to teach you how to identify someone considering suicide and help them get the assistance they need. QPR consists of three life-saving skills...

How to QUESTION a person about suicide

How to PERSUADE the person to get help

How to REFER the person to the appropriate resources

*QPR, Question, Persuade, Refer training is available for your staff, organization member, church group, etc.

To learn more about the Coalition for Suicide Prevention or about QPR training, contact Tana Koss at 920-436-4360, ext: 1252 or

Acrobat Reader required to open documents. Click image to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader FREE.


  • Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging
    Website that provides information for the public and service providers about evidenced based prevention programs and research. Link to statewide class offerings for Stepping On and Living Well with Chronic Conditions.


  • CDC National Diabetes Education Program
    Website: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has lots of information and tutorials on all things diabetes. If you are living with diabetes or have a lonved one with the disease, use these resources to make healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Diabetes Etiquette
    Be your own advocate! Share this tool with people who DO NOT have diabetes so they can understand what you or your loved one is experiencing with diabetes.


  • Exercise Options
    List of exercise facilities that are either free, non-profit, offer reduced rates or specialize in dealing with health issues that generally effect persons who are aging or disabled.


  • Board Certified Geriatric Medical Providers
    Information about and list of Board Certified Geriatric Medical Providers, Dementia Diagnostic Clinics and Neuropsychology in Brown County Wisconsin.

  • Immunization Clinic Schedule for Brown Co Health Dept
    Website with Immunization Clinic Schedule of the Brown County Health Department. Includes locations, time, days of the week clinics are held and a listing of available vaccines.

  • Vaccine Immunization Information for Brown County WI Residents
    Brown County Wisconsin Health Department webpage with Vaccine and Immunization information.

  • Vaccine Information National Site
    Website: Loaded with information about vaccines for children and adults. Which vaccines are recommended for whom and when. How they work, safety, why they are important. What vaccines you need before traveling, and much more.

  • Super Tracker My Food My Fitness My Health
    USDA Website where you can set up your own personalized nutrition and physical activity plan. Track your eating and physical activity and get great tips and support to help you make healthier choices. FREE!

  • Staying Healthy My Medicare
    Website: Listing of Health screenings and preventive services that Medicare pays for. What care costs are covered for persons with Alzheimer's, cancer, or diabetes. Information about the Living Well Workshops that are offered right here in Brown County WI. Scroll up on this page (Prevention Page) for information about upcoming classes.

  • Online Health Information: Can You Trust It?
    Website: Learn when and how to trust online health information from the National Institute on Aging (NIA).


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