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Circuit Court
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Court Commissioners

Phoebe A. Mix
Jane M. Sequin
Paul E. Burke
Chad D. Resar

Supplemental Court Commissioners:
Attorney Corey D. Kimps 437-8191 2015
Attorney J. Michael Jerry 437-0476 2015
Attorney John H. Heide 435-3734 2018
Attorney Wendy S. Larson 217-3444 2018
Attorney Ted J. Warpinski 435-3599 2015
Attorney Daniel J. Walsh 337-0272 2015
Attorney Mark Skvara 884-6275 2015
Attorney James P. O’Neil 432-6060 2013
Attorney James M. Kalny 431-2223 2018
Attorney Owen F. Monfils 435-5264 2018
Attorney Jeffrey Jazgar 436-9366 2015
Attorney Peter R. Heyne 664-5734 2015
Attorney Timothy Duffy 435-5264 2013

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