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Brown County Bicycle Map

Brown County Bicycle Facilities Map

Click HERE to view an interactive web map of bicycle facilities in Brown County.
Brown County Bicycle Map (Metro Area)Brown County Bicycle Map (County Wide)

Link to map (24"x36")

Link to map (24"x36")

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Steps to view maps
1. Download Avenza PDF Map App on your iOS device or try the new PDF Maps beta for Android.

2. Open Avenza PDF Map APP and search by location (if in Brown County) or by map title.
3. Download the Brown County Bicycle Map and start riding.

Who should use the Brown County Bicycle Map?

The map was designed will all different types of users in mind:

For newer riders, the map emphasizes information about how to be a safer rider with general tips for safer cycling, various bicycling laws, and usage of roundabouts and bike racks on buses. Bicycle facilities have been identified where available within the routes suitable for cycling. This should encourage local trips to nearby bus stops, stores, or workplaces.

For regular riders, every road identified as a preferred route connects to the downtown or core of every county municipality. Hopefully this encourages longer rides for exercise while riding to your destination.

For experienced riders taking longer rides, rest stop facilities including restrooms, water, and parking are labeled along with wayfinding notes to direct riders from trail to trail where bicycle facilities do no exist.

For all riders, many park locations are identified for recreational destination travel. Also, hospital locations are identified in case of an emergency and various bicycle store locations are identified for bicycle maintenance needs.

The map was created for everyone and includes the following components:

1.) Transportation to Work
Many have heard the phrase “bike-to-work.” This map was designed to help identify bike lanes and preferred routes that interconnect the downtown or core of each city, village, and town in Brown County. Hopefully, this preferred route system will encourage you to try riding a bicycle to work this year.

2.) Tourism
Oftentimes, the Brown County Planning Commission and local bicycle stores receive inquiries from out-of-county visitors and bicycle-traveling tourists regarding access to bicycle routes and maps. Other than regional state maps, a county specific source never existed. Tourists now have the ability to obtain a map that identifies the road nework with street names, routes suitable for cycling, hospitals, and locations of various bicycle stores as well as other features. The map also identifies connections to three state trails with water, restroom, and parking availability along the trails.

3.) Exercise and Fun
Very much like tourism, the map can be used to plan a ride for fun or exercise. Riders now have the ability to identify routes suitable for cycling, a complete street network with street names, hospitals, and locations of various bicycle stores for bicycle maintenance purposes. The map also identifies connections to three state trails with water, restroom, and parking availability along the trails.

4.) GPS and Geocaching
We added “tick marks” to the map to help you find your way with a GPS device.

Because of the vast number of bicycle facility types in Brown County, a table with facility types, their corresponding definitions, as well as a diagram of what to look for out on the road are provided below.
Facility TypeDefinitionDiagrams
Bicycle LaneA portion of a roadway which has been designated by pavement markings and signs for the preferential or exclusive use of bicyclists.
Paved ShoulderThe portion of the roadway contiguous with the traveled way, for accommodation of stopped vehicles, emergency use and lateral support of sub-base, base and surface courses, often used by cyclists where paved.
Bicycle RouteBicycle routes are marked with signs that are intended to guide bicyclists onto or along particular roadways or paths between a starting location and an ending location.
SharrowA pavement marking symbol that indicates an appropriate bicycle positioning in a shared lane.
Wide Curb LaneA lane of a travel that is open to bicycle travel and vehicular use.
Multi-Use TrailA bikeway physically separated from motorized vehicular traffic by an open space or barrier and either within the highway right-of-way or within an independent right-of-way. Shared use paths may also be used by pedestrians, skaters, wheelchair users, joggers and other non-motorized users.
Mountain Bike TrailAn off-road trail designated for mountain bike riding will offer various types of trail surfaces and difficulty. Trails may be marked with trail markers or signs.Example sign:
Route Suitable for CyclingThis type of designation does not include any signage or painted markings on the road. A route suitable for cycling is a designation for a road that has favorable conditions including pavement condition, road width, and traffic volume to offer a safe and enjoyable route between existing marked bicycle facilities.None

Want to submit a comment?
This map is the second edition of the Brown County Bicycle Map.

There is a lot of information on this map which was reviewed and verified several times. As with anything new, there is the potential need for a comment to make future editions of the product better. This page was developed to allow you to provide comments about the map.

Keep in mind that the facilities shown may not be the same as what exists today. The bicycle facility information is continually being collected from various sources which are believed to be reliable, but Brown County distributes this information on an 'AS IS' basis.

Submittal of a comment will require further investigation and may not result in an immediate change to the map. Staff may forward comments to various individuals or municipalities for verification. Please keep comments concise, descriptive, and clean. Improper or vulgar statements will be deleted immediately without action. Once the comments are confirmed a change will be made and included in the subsequent edition fo the map.

Click here if you would like to submit a comment and fill out a survey form (pdf file).

Feel free to email us or call with any concerns.

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