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Property Search

"Property Search" allows you to search parcels online, free of charge.

You can search by:
  • Parcel Number
  • Property Address
Click here to begin a search using an online form. You can also search using the GIS map.

Results of your search will include:
  • Property Owner Name
  • Municipality
  • District Information (school, sanitary, etc.)
  • Land Class
  • Acreage
  • Assessed Values (land, improvements and total)
  • Acreage
  • Mailing Address
  • Reference Document
  • Tax Records
  • Legal Description
  • Comments/History
  • Link to a map of the parcel
Important note:

Although results of your search will include owner name, Brown County's privacy policy does not allow search by owner name on this free site. However, you can search by name and other parcel properties using the Register of Deeds system, by visiting Brown County offices, or by submitting an Open Records Request form.

Search Tips:
  • When searching by address: If you do not get any results, try removing the address number (enter JUST the street name instead). This will provide a list of all addressed parcels along the street and you can then choose from a subset list. This is particularly useful when searching for duplexes and apartment buildings which usually have a range of address numbers.
  • Most roads with both a "local" name and a "highway" name are stored in our parcel database using the local name only. For example, Lombardi Ave. is also known as County Highway VK but you should enter the "local" street name (ex: Lombardi) for your searches.
  • For roads that are known primarily by their highway names (this is particularly true in the rural areas), the abbreviation for County Highway is CTH and the abbreviation for State Highway is STH. Examples: CTH X and STH 57
  • The numbered streets in some municipalities are spelled out. For example, instead of 7th street it may be spelled out Seventh St. If you don't get any results for a numbered street, try spelling out the number.
  • Searching is NOT case-sensitive.
  • Do not use punctuation. Correct example: ST AGNES DR (Incorrect: ST. AGNES DR.)
If you cannot find a record in our Property Search page: Try the Search button on the Internet GIS Map instead. The GIS map search has more searching capabilities. Instructions on how to use Search on the GIS site can be found here.

Other information & maps can be discovered below, or by searching our map gallery using
this link (click here).

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