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Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe Rental and Snowmobile Trail Information

Cross~Country Ski
Trail Conditions
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Trail Conditions
Trail Conditions

Cross~Country Ski Trails:
Trails are open from sunrise to 11:00 p.m. We do not have skis for rent. Click here for a cross-country brochure. Warming shelters are available:

Barkhausen Lodge
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm / Saturday & Sunday 12-4pm

Neshota Park Shelter
Daily 8am-4pm

Reforestation Ski Lodge ~ when trails are open
Restrooms/Changing Rooms open 5am-10pm daily
Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm
Friday & Saturday 9a-9p
Sunday 9am-5pm

Over 3 miles of lighted trails were installed in December 2015 at the Reforestation Camp thanks to the Bay Nordic Ski Club and the entire community who donated towards the project. Enjoy evening skiing under the lights at the Camp!
The lights will turn on at sunset and off in stages between 10:15 - 10:40pm.

USER FEE IN EFFECT children under 12 years of age ski free

DAILY PASS: $5 Per Person
SEASONAL PASS: $40 Single and/or $70 Family
FITNESS PASS: $80 - includes annual: individual ski pass, mountain/snow bike pass, state recreational trail pass, horse pass, dog park pass
You can also call our information line at (920) 448-4466 and press 9 for these cross-country ski trail conditions.

Cross~Country Ski Trail Conditions:
Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve
Trails are CLOSED
Update 2/16/2017 - Trails have lost a lot of snow and have become very icy. Still hoping for another round of winter before Spring officially arrives!
Reforestation Camp
Update 2/17/2017 - Ski trails are posted closed. Ski trails have full coverage but conditions are rapidly deteriorating, currently consisting of very little snow and mostly exposed ice base, resulting in hazardous skiing conditions. Ski at your own risk. Ski Lodge will be closed to public while trails are closed.
Closed in Poor Condition
Update 2/13/2017 - Sorry the trails are closed we have no base left due to the lack of snow.

Cross~Country Ski Trail Definitions:
Excellent: Compacted base of 4” or more in depth with no bare spots. Tracks set or reset for traditional skiing on entire trail length. Tracks firm with no ice. For skate skiing, 1” of loose snow with no ice.

Good: Compacted base of 2” to 4” or more with no bare spots. Tracks set or reset for traditional skiing on most of the trail length with only a few marginal icy areas. Skate skiing trails have hard-packed snow with some icy areas.

Fair: Compacted base of 1” to 3” with marginally thin spots and rough areas. Tracks set for traditional skiing over most of the trail system with some icy areas that can’t be tracked or groomed. Skate skiing trails have hard-packed snow with some icy areas.

Poor: Compacted base of 1” to 2” with bare, icy or wet spots. Tracks for traditional skiing cannot be set and skate skiing surface cannot be prepared. Can also be applied to non-groomed trails.
Snow Bike Trails:
Trails are located at the Reforestation Camp in the lower parking lot near the Pines Shelter. Trails are open daily from 8am to sunset.

- Obey safe biking guidelines including wearing your helmet!
- Stay on marked trails!
- Follow trail signs and closures.
- No pets allowed on County Park lands.
- Yield right-of-way to all trail users.
- Attach pass to outer clothing or bike so the pass is visible at all times.
- Report trail hazards, violations and incidents to County Park Staff

Fat Bike Rentals:
Fat Bikes are available to rent at the Reforestation Camp Ski Lodge on weekends(Sat. and Sun.) from 9am-5pm when the Ski Lodge is open(when ski trails are open). Follow the link below for more details on bike rentals.

Restrooms are available in the Pines shelter located near the Snow Bike trailhead as well as in the Lodge located in the Reforestation Camp's upper parking lot.

Trail passes are required for all persons 16 years or older. A $5 daily pass and can be purchased at the Trailhead. An annual pass is $30 and can also be purchased at the Trailhead. Simply enclose your payment into a pay envelope, fill out the envelope with your name, address and telephone number. Drop the sealed envelope into the kiosk. Our park office will process your payment and mail an annual pass to you.


Click on here to visit our PERMITS AND PASSES page. Print and mail the mountain bike application to our park office. We’ll process your payment and mail an annual pass to you.

You can also call our park office at (920) 448-6242, we can process your Visa, MasterCard or Discover payment and mail the annual pass to you.
Snow Bike Trail Conditions
Reforestation Camp
Update 2/17/2017 -Trail is posted closed. Trail conditions are poor and rapidly deteriorating, consisting of minimal snow on trail with many exposed icy base sections. Trail poses hazardous riding conditions, ride at your own risk. Our guess is that there will be standing water in many locations by the end of the weekend. If the warm temps thaw the ground and you are rutting the dirt, do not ride. Bike rentals will not be available since trails are closed.
. .
Snowshoe Trails:
You can snowshoe in any of our County parks at no cost. You CANNOT WALK OR SNOWSHOE ON CROSS-COUNTRY OR SNOWMOBILE TRAILS. A citation may be issued for walking on cross-country or snowmobile trails.

We have marked snowshoe trails at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, Neshota Park and the Reforestation. You are encouraged to explore off trail areas of the park on snowshoes as well.

Snowshoe Rentals:
Barkhausen has a limited number of snowshoes for rental on a first-come, first served basis. Hours of rental are Saturday and Sunday 12:00-4:00 p.m. Rentals MAY be available by calling 920-434-2824, depending upon availability.
Snowmobile Trail Conditions:
Click here for a map of these six snowmobile zones in Brown County. You may also call our information line 24/7 for up-to-date trail information. The number is (920) 448-4466 , option 8.

For an interactive Brown County snowmobile map please click


ZONE 1 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are east of I-43 and north of Highway 54.

ZONE 2 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are east of I-43 and south of Highway 54.

ZONE 3 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are west of I-43 and east of County PP to County W, then County W south.

ZONE 4 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are east of the Fox River and west of County PP to County W, then County W south.

ZONE 5 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are west of the Fox River and south of Highway 29 in the southern portion of Brown County.

ZONE 6 (map) - CLOSED
Trails are west of the Bay of Green Bay and north of Highway 29 in the Howard Suamico area.
***The trail is closed this winter to the north and east of Wouters Front Bar & Grill in Suamico. The Reforestation Camp, Brown Road, Veterans Ave all remain closed at this time. We are currently working to secure this connection, but at this time riders may be cited for operating on a closed portion of the trail. Traveling through the roundabout at CTH B and Velp Avenue is not a legal route.***

In those Zones that are open, riders should use caution. Be alert for variable snow conditions, especially on plowed ground where snow cover may be marginal. Be alert for icy corners and patches along the trails. As always, stay on the trails or stay home!!!
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