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TRANSFER RETURNS: 2015 Wisconsin Act 145 Requires Real Estate Transfer Returns for ALL Exempt Conveyances effective 2/6/2016

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Real Estate
1. How do I change my deed so that it reflects my married name?

This question is more complex than it seems at first. In its simplest form, you are not required to take any action. When you sell the property at some point in the future, simply indicate on the deed, for example: “Mary Smith, nka (now known as) Mary Jones hereby grants…etc.”

2. I paid off a Federal Income Tax Lien but it is still showing on my credit report. Why?

While Federal Income Tax Liens are recorded in the Register of Deeds office we have no jurisdiction over the lien itself or any release documentation once the lien is satisfied. We cannot record a Release unless one is presented to us for recording.

3. If one trustee of a trust dies, is it necessary to take any immediate action?

According to a member of the Probate and Real Property Section of the Wisconsin State Bar Association that we conferred with, the answer is “No.” The trust remains in effect. However, it is prudent to review the trust with your attorney periodically to determine if modifications to the trust would be advisable.

4. What help can the Register of Deeds office provide for drafting my own real estate documents?

The Register of Deeds office is charged with the duty of being an independent custodian of records relating to real estate. As such, the only area we can assist you in is general process questions. We cannot assist you in the actual drafting of documents. We highly recommend that you obtain legal counsel for these transactions.

5. What if the question I'm asking, is not listed in this area?

Check out this PDF file for more Questions and Answers. Q&A'S -

6. I am considering buying a parcel of real estate. How can I find out what liens, if any have been filed against it?

If you are borrowing money from a financial institution in order to make the purchase, a title search will be ordered by that financial institution well in advance of the closing. This search will reveal any outstanding liens.

7. I have been told I need to get a “legal description” of my property. Where do I get that?

The legal description of your property appears on your deed.

8. We recently paid off the mortgage on our home. When will we get a new deed showing that we no longer owe the bank anything?

Under Wisconsin law, you only ever receive one deed to your property and you should have received it shortly after you closed on your property.

9. Can I do my own title search?

Strictly speaking, the answer is “yes”. Practically speaking, however, the answer is probably “no”.

10. Register of Deeds tell me if I have good and clear title?

No. The Register of Deeds office is not authorized to render opinions regarding the status of title. Professional title examiners or abstractors use the records in our office as well as searching records in other county offices to determine if the title is good and clear.

Vital Records
1. Where do I get a copy of my birth certificate?

You can purhcase a copy of your birth certificate from the Brown County Register of Deeds Office. -

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